Dental Practice Transition: 3 Tech Upgrades Guaranteed to Increase the Value of Your Practice

Investing in the proper technology to increase the value of your dental practice is key to a dental practice transition, such as an acquisition.

Upgrading your dental communication platform and software tools keeps you relevant and increases the value of your practice. It assures patients of the best treatment possible and ensures your front desk operates effectively. Installing the latest updates also provides enhanced data security and protection.

Upgrading technology adds real value to your practice, and that’s key if your long-term goal is to align with a dental support organization (DSO) and access the quality services and business support that their affiliates enjoy.

Here we’ll discuss three upgrades you can incorporate into your dental practice guaranteed to add value to your practice that will best prepare you for your dental practice transition for acquisition.

Upgrade Dental Phone Systems to Build Better Patient Relationships

tech upgrades for dental practice transition

If you’re serious about managing a dental practice transition that boosts your credentials, streamlined communication is where you’ll want to start.

Traditional on-site dental phone systems require a substantial outlay and routine maintenance. The hardware is bulky, servers take up too much space, and before you know it, they’re out of date.

An updated phone system provides tools to help increase patient satisfaction and improve staff communication skills. Enjoy the benefits of added features that make it easier to run a more organized front office, allowing you to spend less time returning phone calls and more time connecting with patients.

RevenueWell’s VoIP phone system is handled on a single cloud-based platform, so you’re always up to date. And the hosted VoIP servers are virtual, so there’s no need to worry about upkeep or storage. Access the cloud remotely to update practice hours, add users, customize music, or set auto-attendants from anywhere.

Stepping away from the office is simpler than ever with the option to automatically redirect dental practice calls to your smartphone. Use your mobile device to text or phone patients, update settings, and manage voicemail too.

RevenueWell’s communications hub gives you the scope and flexibility to plan for the future. Relationship-management highlights include ScreenPop that automatically displays patient information when someone calls in, including their treatment history, appointments, insurance details, and payment status.

And upgrading to a cloud-based system is easier and more cost-effective than you might think.

RevenueWell’s phone system integrates seamlessly with your practice management software and simplifies workflows by centralizing voice, text, email, and video conferencing. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and industry-leading customer support, it can be up and running in no time—and at much lower costs than a traditional office phone system.

Update Your Patient Relationship Management System

Is your patient relationship management system doing all it can for you?

Does it have the range and adaptability you need to attract new patients, keep current patients happy, optimize dental practice transitions, and ensure your practice runs smoothly? Are you concerned about dealing with multiple systems and logins? Do your costs all add up to more than they should?

An all-inclusive, responsive, and user-friendly dental management system can give you the competitive edge. It’s what lies at the heart of any successful operation, and it’s essential to your dental practice transition process. The right software tools will end up saving you money by giving you back control and keeping you in touch with what’s happening, even via your mobile device.

What about inventory, or patient and staff records? With a single system, practice administration has never been easier. Expect increased accuracy and time-savings when it comes to keeping a record of orders and items in stock, as well as updating databases and managing documentation. You’ll also have instant access to a virtual marketplace, and all the convenience and cost-efficiency that come with it.

Embrace the digital world for a more patient-friendly experience with RevenueWell, and leverage the power of customized communication by reaching patients via their preferred channels.  Manage your practice’s social media profile and online reputation through review and feedback collection.

Automation lets you send out timely appointment reminders, post-op instructions, treatment follow-up plans, targeted e-newsletters, surveys, and campaigns via text or email. Real-time text messaging, via a computer or smartphone, makes it easy to stay in touch with patients, as well as reduces no-shows. Instant messaging and video calling platforms facilitate e-consultations and case collaboration, while RevenueWell’s Dental Office App offers easy access to essential data, so you’re able to manage your practice from any location.

Going Paperless by Using Dental Electronic Forms

dental practice transition

Save time, money, and the environment by going paperless.

Paperwork is a time-waster for dental staff. Digital records are more efficient; they speed up the administrative processes, improve staff productivity, and minimize transcription errors. Paperless offices are cleaner and neater too, making your practice look more professional.

Going digital is extremely convenient for patients, who can fill out and upload necessary documentation like registration and consent forms at their leisure. Automatically integrating this information into your practice’s medical records systems helps to streamline check-in procedures, saving up to 15 minutes per patient!

RevenueWell’s electronic forms help you to integrate paperless practices into your office. Create your own customized forms; let patients fill them in online or via a dedicated in-office iPad, sync completed forms with your practice management system, sign electronic forms, scan IDs to capture information instantly, and automatically email intake forms to every new patient.

Use RevenueWell Tools to Increase Practice Value

Whether it’s upgrading to a cloud-based phone system or updating your practice management software, your dental practice needs to leverage the latest technology to streamline operations and provide patients with the best in-person, online, and phone-in experiences.  Strong, integrated technology and improved processes are critical when you’re undergoing a dental practice transition. And during this transition, it’s even more important to ensure your patients aren’t impacted by these internal plans. Solid technology and satisfied patients are some of the qualities DSOs look at when acquiring practices.

RevenueWell can help get you ready for your next stage of practice growth with our suite of technology and services. Schedule a demo today.