High-Impact Dental Marketing Tactics to Kick Start 2024

As 2023 comes to a close, let’s discuss some high-impact campaigns and marketing tactics that have elevated dental offices to new heights in the past year. From automated recall campaigns to ingenious birthday promotions and charitable initiatives, we'll delve into success stories that have not only boosted revenue but have also transformed patient engagement. As we talk through the numbers and strategies of these campaigns, our aim is to provide dental practices with the inspiration and insights they need to gear up for success in 2024. We’ll explore some tactics that will set your practice on a trajectory of growth, efficiency, and patient-centric triumphs in the coming year.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Lesley Robins, who is the office manager (as well as marketer extraordinaire, insurance agent, phone operator, payment collector, etc.) at Marvin Hershfus, DDS, and Michelle Matthiesen, from Brammeier Family Dental. They’re both RevenueWell users, and they provided us insights into the campaigns they utilized in 2023 to help set them apart from their competitors.  

Dental Campaign Success Stories:

Sure Smile Aligners Campaign (Lesley Robbins):
  • Offered a $500 coupon to generate interest in the Clear Aligner program.
  • Sent out pre-built, automated emails to patients resulting in a great response rate.

Result: The campaign generated almost $8,000 in revenue from about 6 minutes of back-end work.

Birthday Campaign (Lesley Robbins):
  • Personalized birthday messages to patients.
  • Automated campaigns to keep the practice top of mind.
  • Positive responses from patients, fostering a personal connection.

Result: Generated $8,500+ in revenue without including a special offer in the campaign.

Recall Campaigns (Lesley Robbins):

  • Automated recall campaigns sent at specific intervals.
  • 30-days before recall date: text + email
  • 1-day after recall date: text + email  
  • 30-days after recall dated: text + email
  • 60-days after: text + email
  • Lesley emphasized the effectiveness of the 1-day and 30-day follow-ups.

Result: Generated almost 57,000 dollars in revenue.  

Charity Campaign (Michelle Matthiesen):
  • Introduced a campaign encouraging cash or check payments to reduce credit card fees.
  • Donated the percentage that would have been a credit card fee to a different dental charity each quarter.

Result: Initial goal was to get people paying by cash or check, but it ended up driving almost $5,000 in revenue because the campaign got more patients in the door due to the charitable angle.


Expiring Benefits/Invisalign Campaign (Michelle Matthiesen):
  • Utilized automated campaigns to inform patients about using expiring FSA benefits before the end of the year.
  • Encouraged patients to use expiring benefits for Invisalign.

Result: Generated over $2,000 in revenue.

Digital Marketing Wins by Numbers:

Digital marketing is indispensable for dental offices in today's highly competitive and technologically driven landscape. It serves as a powerful tool to reach and engage with a vast audience, allowing dental practices to increase their online visibility and attract new patients. From a well-designed website and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to social media campaigns and online advertising, digital marketing enables dental offices to connect with patients where they are—online.

Here is a quick overview of some of the impacts that digital marketing efforts have had on RevenueWell clients this year:

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Setting Goals for Success in 2024:

Keep your goals SMART:

Specific – What are you trying to accomplish?

Measurable – Keep track of progress, how, and when you’re being successful.

Achievable – Set realistic goals that are attainable.

Relevant – What is most important? What is a distraction?

Time bound – Set an end date, don’t leave it open-ended.

The power of automated campaigns, coupled with the precision of digital marketing, has ushered in a new era of patient engagement and growth for dental practices. As you gear up for the challenges and opportunities of the coming year, the lessons learned from the successes of 2023 will be invaluable guides.

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