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What problems do we solve?

Accurate, straightforward reporting that everyone at your practice can use

Office Manager

You need a simple and transparent way to view metrics so you and your team can be more proactive and effectively plan your workdays.

  • Provides one source of truth for your numbers and data points so you aren't forced to look in multiple places
  • Displays data in a visual way, for easier and quicker consumption
  • Provides access to historical data to give context as it relates to goals and why you may or may not be meeting them


You want your team to be more data-informed, so you also have a better grasp of your practice performance and can help address it if outcomes aren’t being met.

  • Automatically and accurately analyzes practice performance data, reducing manual entry and lost time
  • Gives you the information you need to make informed, data-based decisions for your practice
  • Helps you set realistic practice goals and gives you insights as to how you can achieve them

Group Practce/DSO

You need to have visibility into each location’s practice outcomes so you can motivate practices to stay accountable, ensure processes are being followed, and be able to confidently report on your goals to your executive team.

  • Collect and analyze key data points so you can make decisions to drive key outcomes to meet your goals
  • Save time with all of your information for multiple locations in one centralized place

Insights helps you achieve your practice goals and shows you where to focus so you’re doing the most impactful work.

Realistic and relevant advice

You juggle a lot, and you don’t have time to think about how you can influence these metrics. We do the strategizing for you. Each report comes with tips you can implement at your practice. These are proven tactics that work in dental.

Accurate data for clear visibility

Data is accurate from the time you start using Insights to ensure you can effectively budget, plan, and prioritize tasks based on what you see.

See data from one place so it becomes part of your daily routine

Insights live within the Marketing Platform. With everything in one place, you can make it a habit to check them out each day. It’s a less disruptive and more organized way of viewing data.

Stay focused during multi-step tasks

Directly from Insights, you can call or text patients who require follow up and continual care based on each outcome. It’s less clicking around, switching between your PMS and RevenueWell system, and creating patient lists, saving you valuable time.

Influence practice outcomes

With Insights, you can directly impact important metrics like production goals, case acceptance, no-shows, reappointments, and more to help drive profitability.

Learn as you go

Knowing what each metric means and how it’s calculated is the first step in becoming data informed and building confidence in how to respond to data. You’ll see an info bubble that shows the definition of the metric, how it’s calculated, and tips on how to impact it.

Insights from every angle

Whether you’re new to analyzing metrics, want to get more comfortable with it, or you love digging into numbers, Insights can work for you and your team. Insights show you:

  • What each metric means
  • What’s driving that metric
  • What you can do influence that metric


Each report shows key metrics that drive your practice profitability, patient experience, and overall success

Appointment Attendance

See your no-show and confirmation rates so you can ensure these patients get back on your schedule

Case Acceptance

See your case acceptance rates so you know which patients may require additional attention and care

Hygiene Visits

Ensure patients are receiving the right communication through the right channels. This report shows hygiene visits and reappointments.

Patient Acquisition

See how many new patients you've acquired, reactivated, and lost using this report

Patient Lists

Each practice outcome includes a relevant patient list of people you need to contact. You can call or text the patients from here.

App Insights

See what your subscriptions do for you and how to use them more effectively

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