Automated Dental Appointment Confirmations and Reminders

38% of patients who miss any appointment say they forgot. Keep patients on top of their appointments, and spend less time following up with automated reminders and confirmations.


Automate your communications, free up your plate (and brain space)

Complete Control Over Your Appointments

Customize how far in advance you want to send them, what delivery channel(s) to use based on patients' preference, the copy, the language, in English or Spanish, and which family members you want to send messages to, so patients see and respond to them. You determine what you want and what’s helpful to your patients. Let the system do the rest.

Keep the Right Family Member in the Know

Got multiple family members coming in the same day? Keep the right family member in the loop about upcoming appointments with Family Messaging. Send one message to the responsible party, instead of sending a separate message to each family member.

See a Complete Picture of Your Schedule

RevenueWell automatically updates your practice management system as your patients confirm appointments. Get a complete, up-to-date view of your schedule without having to go back and forth between the two systems.

Backfill Last-Minute Cancellations Fast

Don't let last-minute cancellations leave you in a pinch. Fill those gaps with the ASAP list as openings become available. You can curate a list of patients who can show up sooner for appointments. Simply mark the patients you want to contact, select the appointment date, and time you want to fill, and the delivery method, and RevenueWell will automatically reach out.

Get a Bird’s Eye View of No-Show Rates

82% of practices cite patient no-shows and cancellations as the most common reasons for not having a full schedule. Even though appointment confirmations and reminders are effective, it’s helpful to know how they’re impacting no shows. You can monitor this metric with Insights. See your numbers month-to-month to understand what’s working and get tips on how to improve your confirmation rate and reduce potential no shows.

Benefits to you and your practice

Reduce your admin load
All you need to do is customize your appointment confirmations and reminders, and let the system take care of the rest in the background.
Lower no shows
Regular reminders and confirmations encourage patients to prioritize their oral health and give them ample time to reschedule their appointment, if needed. This can reduce potential no-shows.
Keep a full schedule
An automated process and a handy ASAP list make it possible to maintain a fuller schedule.
Improve patient communication
Set clear expectations with patients regarding their appointments and help them stay accountable to showing up or rescheduling their appointment ahead of time.


Deep integration to your existing patient management system

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