Build Stronger Relationships with RevenueWell’s Dental Patient Engagement Software & Retention Tools

It’s the small things that keep patients coming back. The extra personal touch, an added convenience, and the special care you deliver that makes every patient feel like family. RevenueWell gives you the high-tech tools to build lasting relationships that never gets old!

Compassionate Patient Care

Compassionate care goes beyond how you treat patients during their appointment. It’s immediately sending custom post-op instructions. It’s emailing newsletters to ensure that people are up to date on modern dentistry. And it’s empowering patients to make educated decisions about their oral health.

Extend the Personal Touch

Strengthen your relationship with patients by extending care beyond the walls of your practice. Automatic follow-ups on treatment plans show your lasting commitment to patients’ oral health. Stay top of mind by sending birthday and holiday greetings, and remind patients that you’re not just their dentist twice a year; they’re part of your dental family!

An Incredible Patient Experience

Deliver an incredible patient experience from the moment a person schedules their first appointment. Welcome packets wow new patients, and show just how excited you are for them to visit your practice. Tools like Screen Pop ensure that your team always knows a person’s info when they call and that a patient is never placed on hold. And when patients are in the office, your treatment and processes are second to none!


Wow Your Patients

Impress your patients by staying top of mind, educating them on oral health, extending the personal touch, and showing just how much you care about their well-being.

Treatment Plan Follow-Ups

Ensure timely follow up on every treatment

Screen Pop

Know a patient’s info before answering the phone

Welcome Packets

Give each new patient an epic welcome to your practice

Personal Messages

Send patients personal birthday and holiday greetings

Personal Newsletters

Educate patients on your practice, team, and services offered

“Our patients know that we are pretty much on the cutting edge when it comes to technology and simplicity for them.”

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