RW Messenger

Personal, Real-Time Text Messaging for Dentists

Staying in touch with patients is faster and easier than ever with RevenueWell Messenger! Send texts and respond in real time right from your computer. It’s an easy to use platform your team and patients will love.

Change the way you communicate

The Power of Texting

RevenueWell Messenger delivers a seamless texting experience for you and your patients to communicate with each other. Quickly send and receive text messages in real time right from your practice phone number.

Spend Less Time on the Phone

The average phone call lasts for almost two minutes. Easily reduce the amount of time spent confirming appointments or checking in by sending a text instead. You’ll spend less time on the phone and eliminate phone tag. A win-win!

Make It Easy for Patients to Reach You

Let’s face it: people are busy, and most phone calls require advanced planning these days. Get more appointments and fewer no-shows when you make it easy for patients to text you. Not only is texting faster, but patients can do it whenever, wherever.

Provide Awesome Service

Give patients a way to communicate with your office in the way they connect with their friends and family. Even better, deliver awesome patient service with personal post-op care and quick responses to patients’ questions.

Communicate with Patients How They Prefer

People don’t pick up the phone like they used to. These days texting is easy to do. Heck, most people love texting and would rather receive a text instead of a call. No wonder it’s the No. 1 communication channel in the United States.

Start Growing Your Practice Today

Dental offices that use RevenueWell see an average annual revenue increase of $73,000. See what it can do for you.

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