Stronger patient connections start with your phone system

RevenueWell Phone is a dental-specific VoIP solution for practices of all sizes.

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A clunky, outdated phone system is frustrating for everyone.

Your patients shouldn’t dread contacting your practice when they need to schedule an appointment or ask an insurance question. Getting in touch should be convenient and quick for the both of you. If it’s not, then you’re likely to lose patients to a practice down the road.

Time wasted on each phone call
Impossible to have a personal and thoughtful conversation on a landline
Money wasted on a disjointed phone experience
Poor customer support when you need to troubleshoot your phone system

Missed calls that result in relationship termination

Inbound calls that go unanswered

RevenueWell Phone is easy-to-use and designed for dental, creating a better call experience for you and your patients.

Phone makes patient communication hassle-free, all while ensuring each conversation is thoughtful and impactful.

More ways to stay connected with patients

Not everyone wants to talk on the phone. Phone allows you to connect with patients the way they prefer— whether it’s by phone, text, or even video. Give your patients different ways to get in touch so they’re more likely to keep coming back.

Direct access to customer support

No matter how much you love your products or services, the one thing that can cause a ‘break up’, is the customer service. RevenueWell has an in-house customer support team that’s here for your onboarding, troubleshooting, and any questions you have along the way. You’ll always have a person to speak with.

Manage communications from one place

More tools mean more tool switching impacting your focus and efficiency.  Unlike a traditional landline, Phone can be integrated into your practice management system so that you can view all the critical patient information from one location. Better focus means more personalized conversations and stronger rapport.

Call and text from one number

These days your patients are getting bombarded with random phone calls and texts from numbers they don’t recognize. Having one number for patients to save on their phone means they’re more likely to respond and keep their oral health a priority.

Work from anywhere

Remote work is here to stay, and you should be able to do your job even when you’re not at the practice. RevenueWell Phone allows you to work from anywhere so you can stay connected to the practice and your patients.

Customizable based on what you need

Phone comes with a bevy of features, but you can tailor it to fit your unique practice, and change it as you grow. There's no need to jump through customer support to get the system tailored, but don't fear: we're here if you need us.

No matter if you’re a solo practice, have a couple of locations, or a group practice, there’s a hardware option for you. During your demo, ask your solutions expert which option would be best for your practice.

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RevenueWell Messenger

Texting makes your practice more reachable. With Messenger, you can send and receive texts from patients right from your computer using the same office number. Messenger is available with RevenueWell Phone so you can continue delivering a stronger patient experience.

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Tailor your phone system based on your unique needs and goals

Screen Pop

Get a detailed view of the patient’s history as soon as a call comes through. This helps keep your conversations thoughtful and focused.

Two-way Text

Send and receive texts via your desktop or mobile app and see a better response time from patients.

Mobile App

Stay connected to the practice and your patients even when you’re remote with the handy mobile app.

PMS Integration

Phone plugs into your PMS so you can view pertinent patient information like outstanding balances, appointment history, and more keeping all your essential tools connected.

Voicemail to Email

Get the ease of convenience by listening to your voicemail from your email inbox and prioritize calls based on importance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does RevenueWell Phone cost?

Pricing can vary depending on your practice’s needs. We’d be happy to discuss pricing that best fits what you need in a phone system. Please contact us for pricing details.

Will you handle our internet too?

RevenueWell doesn’t provide internet services. You’ll need to use your own internet provider.

How do I know if my phone system is compatible with RevenueWell Phone?

If you decide to set up a call with us, we’re happy to investigate whether your current phone system will work with Phone. Many devices are compatible with RevenueWell Phone, but we always want to verify it. In some cases, we’ll recommend buying new hardware to avoid any previous carrier erasing programming.

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