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Social media is a great way to engage existing patients and connect with new ones in the community. That much you already know. But let’s be honest: for most dental professionals, social media is just another problem to solve. Nobody in the practice has the time to spend on managing multiple profiles, it’s hard to keep generating good content, and very few practices can connect social media efforts to measurable benefits for the office. This changes today.


Find your patients on the social platforms they already use

Post or Schedule Updates Right from RevenueWell

To start, RevenueWell lets you post to your Facebook and Twitter profiles from a single interface. So whether you want to schedule a month of future posts at once or quickly fill a last-minute opening, you can do this in just a few clicks — without having to remember all your passwords!

Share Patient Feedback on Facebook and Twitter

One of RevenueWell’s coolest features is how easy the system makes collecting and broadcasting patient reviews all over the web. Sharing this feedback on social media is the perfect next step. After all, your social media presence is perhaps the best way you’ve got to communicate to people how it FEELS to be a patient at your office. With so many patients sharing their personal experiences with you through RevenueWell, posting them on your Facebook and Twitter profiles is the perfect way to spread the word.

Advanced Targeting

If you ask the “social media champion” at your office what they spend their time on, they’ll likely tell you that 90% of the effort is just figuring out what to post. We get that. It’s hard to come up with good, engaging content — but it’s even harder to develop a content strategy that actually helps you accomplish something. Like, educate patients, improve recall, promote sales of elective dentistry, increase treatment acceptance. Those are the types of goals that RevenueWell put behind our huge library of ready-made social media posts and ideas that you can use any time you want.

Professionally Curated Content

Want a more hands-off approach? We’ve got you covered. RevenueWell lets you subscribe to professionally curated content streams that will preschedule — and then automatically post — diverse, engaging updates onto your Facebook and Twitter profiles several times a week. You get to preview posts ahead of time and can change, delete, reschedule or substitute any post you like — but most of our customers just let RevenueWell do its job and use the time saved to create patient experiences that are worth posting about.


Deep integration to your existing patient management system

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Dental offices that use RevenueWell see an average annual revenue increase of $73,000. See what it can do for you.

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