New! Automatically Verify Patient Insurance in Minutes

Dental Insurance Verification

Automatically verify your patients' insurance with a powerful trio - provider portal data, clearinghouses, and your PMS - all within RevenueWell. Get accurate, up-to-date insurance information you can trust and share with confidence.

Insurance verification is compatible with the following: Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Dentrix Ascend, OpenDental, and Denticon.

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The Benefits to You

Step up your verification process with a reliable tool

Verifying insurance is a painstaking process. Your team spends time calling the provider and/or logging in and out of provider portals to track down coverage information, or you’re using a pricey verification tool that gives you inaccurate information. Not only is this draining for your team, but you run the risk of sharing incorrect information with your patients. Now, RevenueWell will help ensure you get higher quality coverage information and save you time.

With insurance verification, you can automatically verify eligibility, history and frequencies, and full breakdowns prior to a patients' appointment. It's like having a second set of experienced, reliable hands to help you do more verification checks - efficiently and accurately - every time.


How does it work?

Automatically verify a patient's insurance prior to their appointment.
You'll get a full verification form if this is the first appointment after the insurance renewal date.
You'll get an eligibility report for each of the follow up appointments in that year.
You can download all this information directly from RevenueWell.
You can use this information to provide patients with cost estimates.

Faster verifications in minutes, accurate data every time

Save valuable time

With insurance verification, you automatically verify your patient’s insurance information to find out what’s covered and what they’ll owe. Let the tool verify insurance in minutes, so you don’t have to spend time on the phone, or log into different portals and get lost in a sea of tabs. No need to leave or minimize the RevenueWell system in your browser.

Accurate data you can count on

Our automated tool directly taps a network of provider portals, clearinghouses, and your PMS to verify insurance and eligibility. The tool will also cross reference and pair the corresponding information against different sources and cleanse it – a more comprehensive, reliable process – to ensure what you get back is informative. You’ll get a report you can use to put together cost estimates, reducing your chances of sharing the wrong information with patients.

Foster trust with your patients

One reason patients switch dentists is because they get the wrong coverage information from the practice team. Decrease the likelihood of that happening with insurance verification. Give patients more visibility into what’s covered and what they’ll owe with confidence. Patients are empowered with this information, feeling more in control of their finances. In turn, they’re satisfied with your transparency and likely to come back.


Simplify your front office workflow

Collect more accurate, reliable insurance data

Have peace of mind knowing our tool uses a combination of data straight from the provider portals, clearinghouses, and PMS to verify benefits.

Save the front office team time

Spend less time on the phone and hopping in and out of provider portals to verify insurance information.

Get patients in for appointments sooner

No more waiting weeks to get insurance information by snail mail.

Improve chances of getting paid

Have transparent conversations so patients can make smarter oral health decisions.

Improve patient satisfaction

Patients understand their financial responsibility when you share the correct information, reducing the chances of surprising them with a bill that wasn't discussed.

Lower your accounts receivable

A comprehensive insurance report will help you get a cleaner claim to submit, lowering rejections.

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