RevenueWell Launches Powerful New Dental Practice VoIP Phone System

RevenueWell is proud to announce our all new RevenueWell Phone, a VoIP phone system and communications hub designed specifically for the unique needs of dental practices. More than a phone system, RevenueWell Phone integrates with your practice management software and centralizes your voice, text, email and video conferencing to streamline your workflows and enhance every patient conversation.  With RevenueWell Phone, you can say goodbye to missed opportunities, wasted time, and distractions caused by looking up patient information while you’re on the phone. Our unique Screen Pop feature is a supercharged caller ID that shows you critical patient information on every caller before you pick up the phone. You’ll see each patient’s appointments and treatment history, insurance information, personal notes, payment status and more.  Your phone is the most valuable communication tool in your dental practice. Not all phone systems are the same though. There are many phone systems out there that create friction between the practice and patient resulting in wasted time, revenue loss, and a poor patient experience. We’re here to resolve that. RevenueWell Phone helps your practice make every patient interaction productive and, ultimately, helps your practice grow. With more than 100 features, an easy-to-use interface and RevenueWell’s industry-leading customers support, users can be up and running quickly—and paying less than you’d pay for a traditional office phone system.  

RevenueWell Phone - dental phone system

1. Customize your communication hub

RevenueWell Phone has more than 100 features to help you create personalized patient experiences and help your team work more efficiently. But don’t feel overwhelmed by all those features: You have the power to customize your communication center based on your practice’s needs for today and for what’s to come.  

2. A dental phone system with one office number

RevenueWell Phone can handle any communication method your patients use. Whether it’s phone, text, email, or video, it can all be synced with your main office number.  For example, if you have patients who prefer texting to calling, you can send them a quick text directly from the office phone number instead of your personal cell phone number. You can send the text message from your computer or the mobile app making it convenient for you and your team.  When your communications come from a consistent number, your patients are more inclined to reply because it’s a number they recognize. As your patients continue to be inundated with phone calls or texts from random numbers, it’s more important to have a single number that they can easily save to their contacts.  

3. Easy to set up and use

The idea of switching solutions can seem daunting, but not when you have a support team that’s with you every step of the way. From the time you sign up, you’ll be paired with a dedicated onboarding specialist to ensure a smooth implementation process. Once you’re up and running, you’ll have complete control to update the system as you need. You’ll feel empowered to make changes based on your practice’s needs, and you can still reach out to us when you have questions. Watch this short video to see how easy it is for you to make changes on the backend.[embed][/embed]

4. Additional resources

If you’re looking to strengthen how your front office utilizes the phone, then you might find these resources helpful. You’ll find tips on how to automate your communications, patient retention, what to look for in a dental phone system, and more. Bookmark these for later!  

Ready to move away from your standard phone system? Save time with one that helps you make ever patient conversation impactful. Schedule a demo to see RevenueWell Phone in action.