The dental marketing funnel is a conceptual way to understand how patients interact with your practice. It all starts with delivering a high-touch experience.

A patient’s journey from choosing your practice to taking a seat in one of your chairs year after year is pretty short, right?

They book an appointment, show up, have a wonderful patient experience, and, boom — turn into a loyal lifetime patient.

If only.

The journey from finding your practice to loving your practice isn’t as linear as it used to be.

Today’s patients have taken on a consumer’s approach to their care.

They have more information — and provider options — than ever before. That can make it hard for you to attract new patients and keep them.

Fortunately, there’s some good news.

You can actually take a cornerstone tool in marketing — the sales funnel — and adopt it for your practice. Create a dental marketing funnel, if you will, to become a formidable marketer.

The dental marketing funnel essentially breaks down your patient’s journey into five key phases: awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy.

When you understand their journey to the chair, it’s easier to give patients the right message along the way. You can convert them into patients who can recall only one practice’s name — yours.

dental marketing funnel


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