Top RevenueWell Blog Posts of 2018

Our top blog posts of 2018 highlight a wide range of great content created by RevenueWell over the past year.

It's been another banner year at RevenueWell. From a new office to new features to tons of new faces, 2018 has certainly been one of our most active years.

That designation also goes for our content. This past year, we've leaned into webinars, published some truly wonderful ebooks, and really stepped up our blog game. In other words, we're excited to bring you great dental content in every medium we can get our hands on.

And with that said, here are some of our favorite blogs from this year.

Dental Operatory Televisions: The Ideal Cure for Patient Anxiety

At its core, television is escapism. TVs in your office help take a patient's mind off treatment or anything else that's bothering them. Depending on your programming, televisions can even promote wellness.

Top Takeaway: Operatory TVs can create a stress-free vibe in your practice.

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Transform Your Dental Team into a ‘We Team’

Every time we talk with practice culture Judy Kay Mausolf, we walk away feeling more enlightened. This blog is a Q&A with Judy in which she explains all the ways we can empower teams and create harmony within practices.

Top Takeaway: Lead by example, and your teammates will buy in.

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How Often Should Your Practice Post on Social Media?

At this point in the game, there's no escaping social media. It's an integral part, not just of marketing your practice, but of most people's daily routines. So, then, the discussion moves to what platforms you use, and just how often you post on them.

Top Takeaway: There's no such thing as posting too much on social media, just don't let it become a time suck.

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Master the Art and Science of Scheduling

Ever-changing, your schedule is a living, breathing organism. It's one of the most important cogs in the wheel, and arguably the most difficult to pin down. But once your team masters the art and science of scheduling, you'll be off to the races.

Top Takeaway: Mastering your schedule is an ongoing process that brings new challenges every day.

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Benefits of Electronic Forms

We see them at banks. We see them with taxes. With utilities and airports. We even see electronic forms at restaurants. So why has the dental industry been so slow to adapt? Practices that have adopted digital intake forms see a substantial increase in efficiency.

Top Takeaway: Digital forms make life easier for practices and patients.

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Your Dental HIPAA Questions Answered!

This was one of our most well-received blogs. It came on the heels of a webinar with HIPAA expert Rick Garafolo. During the webinar, Rick received so many questions that he had to answer many offline. We love this blog because it cuts a wide cloth, addressing many popular HIPAA-related questions.

Top Takeaway: There are few things more beneficial than a person who can explain all the nuances of HIPAA.

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Best Dental and Leadership Books

Bookmark this blog for whenever you need a new leadership book. The impetus for this post was summertime reading, but these books are great all year long. Whether you're looking for something dental-specific or something more creative-based, we've got you covered.

Top Takeaway: Leadership comes in many forms and voices.

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#InMyFillings: 5 Best Videos of the Viral Drake-Inspired Dance Challenge

One of the best viral trends this past year was Dr. Rich Constantine breaking out some serious dance moves to Drake's "In My Feelings." Dr. Constantine created the #InMyFillings challenge, and inspired some serious creativity from the dental community!

Top Takeaway: Viral trends are great when it comes to patient engagement.

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The Dental Marketing Funnel and Delivering a High-Touch Experience

From the time they first hear about your practice to the moment they're talking you up to friends and family, patients are on what's known as the buyer's journey. The more you understand about how patients engage with your practice, the more you can turn new patients into lifelong devotees.

Top Takeaway: A patient's journey to the chair happens in distinct phases.

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Texting Etiquette 101: Messaging Patients Without Ticking Them Off

Text messaging is the No. 1 preferred method of communication in the United States, which means you should most definitely text with patients. However, there are governmental regulations and general social norms you should abide by.

Top Takeaway: Though seemingly casual, texting with patients must be handled in a professional manner.

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Phone Skillz: Flip the Script and Schedule New Patients

In one our most popular webinars ever, practice consultant Genevieve Poppe laid out just how important it is to have a team that's properly trained on the phone. Should you incentivize your front office team? How do you convert a price shopper into a new patient? What's the right about of time to stay on the phone with a new patient? It's all here!

Top Takeaway: Team members can boost your revenue considerably by knowing how to work the phones properly.

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There you have it! We can't to bring you even more fantastic content in 2019. Stay tuned!

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