It Was Time To Automate Social Media

Much has been written on this blog and all over the web about the benefits that social media can bring to your practice. It’s definitive – social media isn’t a fad. Too many of your patients use it (210 million a day for just Facebook) and for too much of their day (2x a day for at least 21 minutes, Facebook says).

It’s a very demographically diverse group too, and many of them now say they take to Facebook and Twitter to look for a dentist. This is bigger than dentistry; really, it’s about healthcare in general. According to 2012 research by Price Waterhouse Coopers, 41% of Facebook users said social media interactions affect their choice of a health care provider. So it seems like creating a good social media presence for your practice would be worthwhile. But…

Who’s Got the Time?

The argument, of course, is that no one has the time. And, there is some truth to that. Doing social media right does require commitment and consistency. The commitment you may have, but the time and staff to maintain the effort are often more difficult to drum up.

In an ideal world, every office would have that one stellar employee who heads up the social media department. They’d create brilliant educational posts a few times a week, maybe blog a bit, and interact with your office staff – taking pictures and posting the sort of personal content that helps drive interaction online. But we know not everyone has that special someone.

That’s why we decided to build the industry’s first ever automated social media solution. It’s just for you, and it lives and breathes to complement the engagement strategy of your office.

A New Idea

At RevenueWell, we’ve been crafting and refining content specific to the dental industry for years now. It’s light, share-worthy and creates measurable (and dollar-valued) interaction at thousands of practices across the country. We know what professional content looks like, and we know the sort of content people find engaging.

So, we started thinking … if offices were already adapting our system to their own unique methods of outreach to recall lapsed patients, send post-op instructions, and follow up on unscheduled treatment, wouldn’t it make sense to create a social media solution that provided them with that same, equal balance of automation and customization? So we got to building.

The Solution

When social media management becomes cumbersome, it gets ignored. So, we made it easy … and fun. Here are the four ways we help you get it done right. Do them all, or just pick one if you’d like! You can:

  1. Post original content to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously without leaving RevenueWell. This can include your own posts, things you find online or even your patient reviews from RevenueWell.
  2. Use RevenueWell’s huge library of engaging, educational posts that you can customize and publish when you like.
  3. Subscribe to RevenueWell content streams for Facebook and Twitter, and have great content published for you automatically several times a week. Our customers LOVE this feature because it ensures something gets posted to their profile regularly – whether they have time to do this or not.
  4. You can even schedule posts to be published at a future date, and effectively “check off” your social media work for the entire month or YEAR!

Want more control and love creating your own content? We’ll help you do this more efficiently. Run a busy office and need all the help you can get with social media? Marketing automation is what RevenueWell does best. It’s the best of both worlds – and it’s here now.