10 Tips for Social Media Success

Social media engagement is essential nowadays, and it’s not enough to simply post from time to time; quality social media efforts require strategy.

Marketing professionals know that social media success is about two things: great content and regular presence. (Shameless plug alert: this is why RW customers love our robust social media content library and our “set it and forget it” social media streams which post to their social media accounts automatically!)

If your practice is hoping to up the ante and really shine on social this year, we’re here to help! Here are ten things you can do to make your social media streams stand out with great content specific to the dental industry, your community, and your brand.

Post Quality Pics

Take a few high-quality photos of your office and post them for the world to see. Photos are super-important in terms of establishing credibility online … no one wants to take a chance on a “faceless” office.

We recommend photos of your building, your signage, your waiting area, your staff, and your dentists. (If your photos aren't doing the trick, it’s worth it to hire a pro for a solid set of photos as well.)


A Throwback Thursday post (or #tbt for short) is a picture from the past of you, your office, a staff member that is posted on any given Thursday.

Got a picture of the doctor from his or her hippie days? Awesome!

Pictures of the hygienists in braces? Go for it!

Ask your patients to do the same, and sees how things pan out. Have fun with this, and don't be afraid to look casual and fun – that's the idea.

Tag your posts with the hashtag #tbt and you're all set.

Highlight Patient Transformations

Instagram was made for this!

You've probably got some amazing before and after shots of your work, right? Whitening, cosmetic bonding, braces, and veneers are perfect subjects for before/after photos.

You'll likely see some social media traction from this campaign idea if you tag your patients – people love to share posts in which they’re highlighted.

Important: Get your patients’ permission for this using a waiver first

Act Local

Big high school sporting event coming up? Share that news!

Local fundraising effort underway? Share that too.

Each month you should be sharing at least one or two local events so your audience sees you not just as a dentist, but a true member of the community.

This also helps with your Google-juice (aka SEO). This one is easy – don't skip it.

Ask Something of Your Followers

Do your best to encourage feedback from your followers: ask them something fun (favorite/least favorite thing about visiting the dentist?) or something you’d like insight on (which magazines to stock in the office?)

Maybe you're testing out promos or incentive ideas, so why not use social media to ask patients what they’d respond to?

The more you attempt to engage your patients and followers with genuinely interesting questions and earnest feedback, the better.

Video, Video, Video

Smartphones = tiny video cameras, so use them!

Record your staff members opening up the office for the day, or maybe wish patients a happy Friday from your entire staff.

This is a great social media goal, as ­videos are personable, engaging, and easy to execute these days.

Automate Where Possible

The best social media managers balance automation with real-time social media use. This means they automate (or schedule) many of their posts in advance in order to make sure they are posting regular content.

However, they also check on those accounts regularly and aren’t afraid to post in the moment, either.

Make sure to schedule your content but don’t forget to use social media organically, as well.

Be Funny, Be Useful, Be Authentic

Being less “sales-y” and more human on social media makes all the difference in the world.

Is your office fun and personable? Don’t be afraid to share a dental cartoon you found online!

Is your office all about wellness? Don’t be afraid to share articles on health and wellness outside of dentistry.

Being honest and authentic in the representation of your practice on social and share content to match.

Talk Yourself Up

Share a favorable online review of your practice from time to time.

Yelp, Google and Facebook are fantastic sources for patient review content. Sharing a great review from them is an effective way to continue to build that credibility.

You can also tell people where else they can find you online. If your practice is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, let people know where to find you on those platforms as well.

Give Stuff Away

Lastly, why not offer an incentive for people to come and see you this month?

If you're not sure why this is important, read up on our advice regarding incentives. Bottom line: incentive-based marketing is more effective than fear-based marketing.

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