RevenueWell Introduces Healthgrades Premium Profiles

Leverage Healthgrades, the world's largest digital healthcare marketplace, to grow your practice.

At RevenueWell, our mission is to help dentists build better, more connected relationships with their patients and communities.

We also know that the way consumers search for new healthcare providers has forever changed. The Healthcare search is evolving. Doctors need to be visible in as many places as possible.

We've announced a new way to help you attain that goal: Healthgrades Premium Profiles.

You may already know about Healthgrades, the world's largest digital healthcare marketplace. Now, with a Healthgrades Premium Profile doctors have a new way to enhance their profile, boost their online visibility, rise to the top of search results, generate more positive reviews, and ultimately attract more new patients.

With more than 2 million people searching for dentists on Healthgrades each month, a Premium Profile makes it easier than ever for new patients to find your practice!

What do you receive with a Healthgrades Premium Profile?

Glad you asked:

Get More New Patient Appointments

Did you know that 72% of patients start their search for a new healthcare provider online? When people need a new dentist, they first turn first to the Internet.

Healthgrades Premium Profiles enable patients to request appointments right from the site 24/7 - an important consideration in light of the fact that more than 40% of new appointment requests on Healthgrades are made outside of normal business hours.

Even better, Healthgrades fully integrates with RevenueWell to make it super easy for you to processes all those new patient inquiries.

Rise to the Top Of Search Results

Healthgrades is a large site. And with such a big marketplace comes competition.

Healthgrades Premium Profiles separate you from the competition with top-of-results placement in searches made by your community.

With a Premium Profile, you'll appear at the top of search results. And links to your profile will appear on competitors' pages.

The cream always rises to the top, which, wouldn't you know, is right where you sit!

Generate More Reviews

Prospective patients crave reviews!84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and 72% of patients use online reviews as a first step when seeking out a new provider.

With a Healthgrades Premium Profile, RevenueWell automates the task of asking patients to complete a Healthgrades patient experience survey. An easier process for them means more feedback for you, and more reviews on your site.

More reviews. Heightened credibility. Bunches of new patients. What's not to love?!

Promote Your Brand

While a basic profile on Healthgrades is free, sometimes you get what you pay for. In this case, there's a large brand visibility difference between a basic and Premium Profile.

With Premium Profiles, your headshot will appear in the search results, which is a big improvement from the generic silhouette in the basic profile.

Healthgrades removes all advertisements from your profile and strips away the links to other competing providers. You can include photos of your staff and office, video tours of your practice, even in-depth information on your care philosophy.

All this adds up to a profile that generates 377% more views than the basic version.

Prospective patients will already feel like family thanks to all the great info you've provided them! The comfort provided by Healthgrades is invaluable.

RevenueWell + Healthgrades

In total, a Healthgrades Premium Profile will create a stronger digital presence, which will grow your practice through new patient acquisition.

Of course, by now you may be questioning the need for yet another review site to manage.

Know that our partnership with Healthgrades is not just about reviews. It's about meeting the modern-day expectations of patients, and supporting their journey as they search for new healthcare providers.

Our integration with Healthgrades makes the patient acquisition process a breeze. To be where the patients are, when they are searching, and make it as easy as possible for them to take action.

We invite you to check out what a Healthgrades Premium Profile fromRevenueWell can do for your practice.