RevenueWell Featured in Crain’s 100 Best Places to Work

We’re excited to announce that RevenueWell has been named one of the top 100 places to work in Chicago by the publication Crain’s Chicago Business. This is our third appearance on the list. Crain’s Chicago Business works with an independent workplace research firm to conduct an in-depth survey that assesses both employees’ experiences at their workplace and the company’s policies, benefits, and culture. From the company’s inception, the leadership team wanted to create a welcoming workspace where people could be their authentic selves and learn from one another. “We wanted it to be a place we were happy showing up to every morning. That starts and ends with behavior that’s encouraged and accepted,” says RevenueWell’s co-founder and CEO Serge Longin. “We opened up our doors and were fortunate to welcome incredible people that deeply care about the same thing we care about: making a difference, growing personally, enabling others, and having fun in the process.” Here are four reasons RevenueWell is great place to work.

1. Evolving office culture

We spend a large amount of time working. Ideally, you want to enjoy the role, the people you work with, and identify with the company values. In turn, this fosters a genuine office culture which attracts people who want to play a part in evolving it. This caring quality helped shape our company values as well. These values are what matter to RevenueWell-ers every day, and we love acknowledging team members who exhibit them. Whether we’re working remotely or in the office, our culture will continue to evolve as we bring on more people who care about cultivating a positive and open workplace. We believe everyone has something to bring to the table.

2. Passion for the products and dental space

A passion for your company’s products or services also creates a strong office culture. We’ve always served the dental industry, and our product was built because we recognized a need for it. This sincere desire to help an industry that needed a solution has also contributed to fostering a environment that delivers superior customer service.“ Over the challenging past year, we have come together to support each other and to continue to grow,” says Effie Kyroudis, RevenueWell's VP of People. “We stepped up with support for our amazing doctors and practices – providing them with information, tools, and product enhancements to adjust to their new reality. With our teams, we are here to work together, be open and learn from each other, help everyone be better, grow in our roles, and build a great product for our customers. And have some fun along the way too!”

3. Focus on diversity and inclusion

As we’ve transitioned to a remote company, the emphasis on office culture remains constant. RevenueWell-ers have found ways to stay connected and create a culture where inclusion matters. Virtual happy hours, coffee connects, and book clubs are some of the ways the company has provided different outlets for people to get to know one another and even have vulnerable and hard conversations. One initiative that formed through open conversations was the Diversity and Inclusion Guild. Mine Dafiaghor, sales development representative, recognized a need for a resource group where people could come together to have thoughtful conversations around race and social inequity and bring whole identities to work. Dafiaghor says, “We’re currently in the early stages where we’re having conversations about the importance of diversity and inclusion through book clubs and fundraising initiatives so new employees can feel comfortable in their social identities and ready to embrace the elements that make us all unique.” This group is continuing to evolve, and other plans include monthly Lunch and Learns to discuss topics such as mental health in the workplaces, names and identities, and LGBTQ+.

4. Rapid growth and opportunity

RevenueWell is experiencing tremendous growth through adding new dental practices and its acquisition of the dental marketing company PBHS this year. As RevenueWell continues to grow, the people and their voices are what make the company what it is. That’s not going to change. It’s something that will continue to be top of mind in the years to come. Kyroudis adds, “There is a lot of growth ahead of us and the team is energized about the future. We have welcomed over 165 employees to the team in the past year – including almost 100 from joining forces with PBHS in February. Even doubling in size, we continue to hold true to our values of being fair, open, supportive, collaborative, and continuously improving.”

“In the end, it comes down to inviting others to share in what we have going on and listening to the wisdom within our walls when we don’t get things right on the first go,” says Longin. Interested in joining the RevenueWell family? Our team is growing. Check out our open roles!