RevenueWell Introduces 3 New Bundled Marketing Solutions for Dental Practices

New IntegratedProduct Bundles Reduce Purchase Costs While Delivering Maximum Value to Dental Practices of All Sizes

Bannockburn, IL (May 10, 2023) – RevenueWell, the leading patient engagement provider for the dental industry, is proud to announce the availability of three innovative integrated product bundles: RevenueWell Starter, RevenueWell Professional, andRevenueWell Premium. These bundles are designed to provide maximum value at reduced costs, while catering to the unique requirements of dental practices at every stage of business maturity. With a focus on simplifying operations and enhancing practice efficiency, the new RevenueWell bundles empower dental practices with tailored solutions that align with their specific needs.

RevenueWellStarter, the first of three new solutions, offers an “essentials” version of theRevenueWell Marketing Platform. This cost-effective bundle includes core capabilities for managing patient communications and reminders, making it an attractive choice for new or smaller practices. Unlike entry-level solutions, RevenueWell Starter provides deep insights and analytics, as well as the option to seamlessly upgrade to the full solution when the practice is ready, eliminating the hassle and expense of switching vendors.

RevenueWell Professional includes the full RevenueWell Marketing Platform and its industry-leading set of robust marketing capabilities including all the capabilities in Starter plus advanced marketing and reactivation campaigns, CDT code specific templates, patient portals, patient reviews, and social media management. The Professional bundle also includes RevenueWell Phone and RevenueWell Forms. This solution meets the full end-to-end patient marketing and communication needs for a mature practice looking to simplify practice operations and maximize production.

RevenueWell Premium includes all the capabilities of the Professional edition plus a full website redesign (and associated monthly hosting costs) and ADA® TV, a streaming dental video service that can support chair side consults with high-end professional video content while also delivering a professional waiting room experience for patients. 

“We know the market is looking to simplify contracting and reduce costs, and we felt the need to respond in a dramatic and authentic way,” said Katherine Shuman, president, and chief executive officer of RevenueWell. “With these new bundles, customers can consolidate their vendor contracts, and in most cases, get at least one new major integrated solution — digital forms, a phone system, a new website, or ADA TV — at their current contract price. We are incredibly excited to bring these bundles to our current and future customers.”

The launch of the new bundles by RevenueWell addresses three key challenges faced by today’s dental practice owners. First, it future-proofs and de-risks software investments by allowing practices to start with the basics and upgrade to more sophisticated capabilities without migrating data or losing patient history. Second, RevenueWell offers a true all-in-one solution, encompassing a comprehensive suite of services that cover marketing automation, review management, patient portal, phones, waiting room TV (ADA TV), websites, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media management, content management, and branding services. Finally, RevenueWell’s bundles simplify operations, reduce costs, and provide exceptional value, enabling practices to manage their full front-office and marketing needs with a single vendor.


RevenueWell is the leading provider of patient engagement, marketing automation, and dental marketing services in the industry. With over 12,000 clients, multiple ADA endorsements, over 30 state and association endorsements, and numerous product partnerships and approvedPractice Management System (PMS) integrations, RevenueWell continues to innovate and empower dental practices across the nation. For more information, visit