RevenueWell Announces Its Secure File Sharing Service

RevenueWell Announces Its Secure File Sharing Service

It’s “release week” here at RevenueWell, and we’re pleased to announce a great addition to the RevenueWell suite: secure, HIPAA-compliant file sharing. For those in the dental community who have long-sought an easy and compliant way to transfer files to and from patients, the wait is now over.

Starting this week, RevenueWell customers can use their Patient Portal to securely send files to their patients (and let patients share their own) with only a few quick clicks of the mouse.

Why we’re so excited about this feature

As more and more doctors embrace paperless practice management, the ability to exchange digital information like X-rays, treatment plan presentations and before/after imagery becomes a core process that can’t be left to chance. Problem is, there’s really no good way to get this done. Emailing these documents unencrypted violates HIPAA guidelines, and commercial file sharing services like and are too cumbersome for patients and staff to use effectively.

Secure file sharing that’s tied into the RevenueWell patient communications suite makes this process simple and intuitive for both the patient and the office. If a patient needs to bring an attachment to a specialist, all they have to do is open up their patient portal and download the necessary file. If a new patient needs to upload documents and records from their previous provider, they can throw them all up on the patient portal, and these files will be immediately accessible by the new doctor. We think this is an awesome way to put technology to work for the front desk and the patient.

How does it work?

Simply navigate to your patient’s profile in RevenueWell, and upload the file you’d like to share. It’s that simple. If you’ve ever attached a file to an email, the process will feel very familiar. And, because it’s encrypted, secure and HIPAA-compliant, you can send anything from X-rays, to treatment plan presentations, to billing documentation.

Once you’ve uploaded the documents you wish to send, your patient will receive an email informing them they have a file from your office that is awaiting retrieval. Likewise, if a patient needs to share with your team records from a specialist, or a previous provider you’ll be notified about these new uploads through a home screen alert. How neat is that?!We’re very excited to offer this advanced level of software integration to practices both big and small, and we’re certain both your patients and your support team will love this new enhancement.

As always, we’d love to know what you think of these improvements, and how they help you streamline your practice. If you’d like to share a success story with us, please reach out via email at, or call us at: 1-847-597-1745 We’re always interested in how we help make a difference in the growth of your dental practice. Thanks!