Reputation Management With RevenueWell

Today, 4 out of 5 consumers say they give as much weight to an online review as they do a personal recommendation – which means, now more than ever, it’s become increasingly important to know what’s being said about you in the public domain.

At first glance, tracking your online reputation may not appear to be a critical need for your office.  After all, years of honing your team’s customer service skills to the point where your office hums at a pleasant pace demonstrates to you that you’ve got things under control.

But do you really? What about the patients who don’t return, the feedback you don’t receive, and the online reviews you don’t see? Those stories – the ones that often lie in the recesses of the Internet where you’re not looking – can have a dramatic (and sometimes disastrous) impact on your reputation. To protect that reputation you need to have a system.

Use RevenueWell to Your Advantage

RevenueWell streamlines the process of managing your online reputation by channeling all of your public reviews from sites like Google+, Yelp, Citysearch and DexKnows to a single destination: your easy-to-read RevenueWell dashboard. We also do all the front-end work – like asking for reviews in the first place. Not a bad deal.

From the dashboard in RevenueWell, you can feature any review from a public source to your microsite, Facebook and your website to spread the good publicity. Plus, you can respond to bad reviews immediately, which could mean the difference between a hit-or-miss reputation, or a solid one, built on sincere care and concern for all your patients. In the world of public reviews, your participation makes all the difference in keeping existing patients and attracting new ones.

How to Get Your Patients to Help You

Your patients are busy, but while they’re in the chair, you have their full attention. Leverage that time by telling them you’re working toward growing your online reputation. Let them know it would mean a lot to you if they would write you a review. If they have an email on file and if you’ve set RevenueWell to automatically request reviews, they should expect an invitation to post a review in their inbox. If not, be ready with a printout of links to your pages.

The gentle social pressure one experiences after committing to saying something good about you is a very real thing, so don’t be afraid to leverage this wonderful aspect of our humanity. RevenueWell provides them with the means to follow through on their promise, and all you have to do is watch the reviews come in.

A well designed, regularly monitored dental reputation management software can make a tremendous difference in the length of a patient’s lifespan with your office – and that’s something worth investigating.