Product Release Notes: June 2021

A New Phone System for Dental Practices

RevenueWell is proud to announce our all new RevenueWell Phone, a VoIP phone system and communications hub designed specifically for the unique needs of dental practices. More than a phone system, RevenueWell Phone integrates with your practice management software and centralizes your voice, text, email and video conferencing to streamline your workflows and enhance every patient conversation.   To learn more about the new RevenueWell Phone, click here.

New Mobile App for RW Phone  

Introducing a new mobile app for RW Phone customers! The RevenueWell On The Go app helps dental practices manage their office communication from anywhere. With RevenueWell On The Go you can now make and receive phone calls at any time from any location, directly through the mobile app.  Download the RevenueWell On-The-Go app today in the App Store.

Note: RevenueWell On-The-Go app is only compatible with practices using the newly launched RW Phone.

A Simpler Forms Submission Process  

A new enhancement to RW Forms eases the forms submission process for patients and helps clarify which forms need to be completed.  Previously, patients would see a “Success!” message after submitting a form, even though they had additional forms to complete. This caused confusion and resulted in patients abandoning incomplete forms. Now, when a patient submits a form, RevenueWell will redirect patients to the list of forms so they can complete the remaining forms in the queue.  This simpler flow helps patients understand that they should continue filling in their next form.  Interested in adding RW Forms to your practice? Click here to learn more.

Faster Syncing for Denticon Practices

Denticon users will now experience quicker appointment confirmation syncs. This new update will reduce appointment confirmations sync time from hours to minutes -  allowing practices to lock customers into their schedule faster and confirm no-shows sooner.

New Look! Custom Campaigns

The blue background on campaigns has now been removed to create a more neutral look that universally compliments a wide array of brand logos and colors.  This change can be viewed under the template library in the Custom Campaign tab. Simply select any email template and preview. Check it out today.

New Look! Navigation Pane  

We've updated the navigation pane to better fit the way in which you use RevenueWell!  With this update you'll experience:

  • A new Home icon that makes it easy to access the home dashboard/ practice portal.
  • New location details that have been added so multi-practice and Enterprise customers can easily see which location they are viewing.
  • The user profile / sign out option pushed to the bottom of the pane to allow space for future icons that will live on the navigation pane.