10 PPO Facts Every Practice Should Know

In this webinar, Advanced Practice Management president Bill Rossi explains 10 PPO facts every dental practice should know when dealing with providers.

If you take nothing else away from Bill Rossi, it's that you, the practice, have the upper hand when dealing with PPOs. You have more power than you might think. Come armed with this knowledge, and PPOs become easier to deal with.

Over the course of his one-hour webinar, Bill breaks down everything from negotiating tactics to when practices should consider the leap. Pulling from previous clients, he even shows how production can actually go up after leaving a PPO.

What You'll Learn

Here are some of the other topics Bill covers:

  • Why dental practices have more power than they think when it comes to PPOs
  • Why every practice must find its own proper balance of PPO participation
  • How you're leaving money on the table if you aren't negotiating fees
  • Why you need a strategy before ever leaving your PPO

Below is the Practice Perfect webinar on how to navigate the world of PPOs.

PPO Facts Webinar

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