Webinar: Using Videos for Patient Retention Marketing

In this webinar on patient retention marketing, Hi5 Practice CEO Kevin Barnett shows us how video can increase treatment acceptance and lower attrition rates. After listening to Kevin Barnett speak, it’s hard not to get excited about making videos for your practice.

First, he makes it look so easy. And second, he shows just how much videos can help your patient retention marketing efforts. Recent studies have shown that storytelling is more important in marketing than ever before. By talking directly to patients, sending video reminders right from the doctor’s mouth, and presenting cases like a story, you illustrate how important their oral health is.

Check out this webinar to learn how your practice can start using video to increase case acceptance. What You’ll Learn In this webinar, Kevin Barnett shows just how well video aids patient retention. Even better, he cites specific examples of the videos you should make, and how to send them. During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why video is great for treatment plan follow-ups
  • How to fold video into your recall emails
  • What a great custom marketing campaign looks like
  • How sometimes patient retention is as easy as saying, “happy birthday!”

Enjoy the Practice Perfect webinar below!

Webinar: Patient Retention Marketing