Patient Communication by the Numbers

We live in a fast-paced, tech-savvy world. It’s amazing to think of recent breakthroughs in technology and how quickly things have changed and progressed … the very first iPhone was released just 10 years ago, for example!

It’s imperative for businesses in any industry to keep up with the changing communications landscape. Dental practices are no exception, as today’s patients demand access to their providers in the ways that resonate most with them.

Think of this effort as a two-fold one: it's both smart marketing and thoughtful customer service.

Tailored communications are personalized patient outreach at their most impactful. One of the best ways of keeping your patients happy and loyal is to interact with them in the ways they prefer.

Here at RevenueWell, we’ve done some homework to show you just how differently people communicate in the modern age.

Outreach is no longer a one-size-fits all endeavor, with some patients still preferring phone calls while many others now prefer text and email.

Check the infographic below for some serious real-world statistics on the value of patient communications through different mediums.

Dental Patient Communication by the Numbers Infographic

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