Spotlight: Custom Campaigns Patient Balance

Create a targeted campaign based on your patients remaining balance

Now, more than ever, ensuring your patients are paying their bills is critical. Now, as part of your RevenueWell Marketing Platform, you can send emails to remind patients to pay off their remaining balances, and target using the custom campaign filter.

How Does It Work?

Within your advanced options of customer campaigns, you now have the ability to filter by patient balance. You can even filter by the total family balance which sums up all balances of a particular family group.  

Ready to get started and get your remaining balances paid? Check out our help center article to learn more.

Please note: Currently, PMSs that support the Balance filter include Denticon, Dentrix Enterprise, Eaglesoft, Eddson, Open Dental, and Practice Works. It does not support Dentrix at this time but will in the future.