Webinar: Save $10,000 a Year by Going Paperless

In this webinar, Wendy Aldhamen of Forever Green Consulting shows how practices can save $10,000 a year by going paperless, while also explaining how to have an eco-friendly office in three years.

Wendy Aldhamen is the CEO of Forever Green Consulting. She recently stopped by RevenueWell's Practice Perfect series to discuss how becoming more eco-friendly can actually save dental practices tons of cash.

A former office manager and dental assistant, Wendy helps practices go green. From hands-free faucets to reusable pouches, practices can find many ways to save both money and the environment!

Also in this Practice Perfect webinar is RevenueWell Director of Marketing, Steve Susina. With a background in communications and e-commerce, Steve shines a light on just how much digital forms can enhance the patient experience.

Below is the Practice Perfect webinar on paperless offices.

Practice Perfect Paperless Webinar

We hope you enjoyed this Practice Perfect webinar, and that with the checklist, you see just how rewarding a paperless office can be!

A former dental assistant and front office manager, Forever Green Consulting's Wendy Aldhamen excels in implementing processes and organizing offices. Specifically, her expertise is helping practices go chartless as the dental industry shifts toward paperless offices.

Learn more about how RevenueWell Forms streamline front office operations and simplify patient intake. Or download our ebook on how to grow your practice this year!