October 2022 Product Release Notes

This month’s product release notes include updates to Patient Lists, which can be found under Insights, and Campaigns to help get prospective patients on your schedule more efficiently and increase practice production with customized campaigns.


New patient leads: Located in Patient Lists, see a list of new patient leads who submitted their contact information through your practice website. With this new list, you can:

  • Call or text prospective patients to book an appointment
  • See what channel (ie: Facebook, Google, etc.) the lead came from
  • Update each lead’s status to ensure all of them get a follow up
  • Add internal notes about each lead to keep track of your activities

This is available to Website customers on the Marketing Platform.


Recall Date Trigger: Increase production with automated reminders for hygiene visits. Choose how many communication attempts before or after the recall date. You can schedule out your recall communications with the following:

  • Filter: patients with no scheduled visits
  • Attempts: 1 month before, 14 Days Before, 1 Day After, 1 Month After, 2 Months After