November 2023 Product Release Notes

This month’s release includes enhancements to our CareCredit integration – improve your practice teams' efficiency and increase case acceptance with this financing option.  

CareCredit enhancements

We’ve made some updates to our CareCredit integration so it’s easier to help patients take advantage of this financing option. Using CareCredit ensures patients don’t have to potentially delay care due to cost concerns.  

If your practice isn’t using the CareCredit integration, start with linking your CareCredit account to RevenueWell by entering your CareCredit merchant ID. You can enter your merchant ID under the RevenueWell CareCredit settings.  

Link your account  


  • Two new audience filters have been added to make it easier to target CareCredit users about this payment option. Now you can send communications based on CareCredit balance ranges and target patients who are current cardholders and preapprovals.  


  • A CareCredit link has been added to Text Links so you can quickly share a link in real-time patient conversations.  

Patient Inbox

  • Feeling overwhelmed by how many unread messages you have in your inbox? We’ve added a Mark All Read feature to your Inbox so you can clear out any unread notifications. This applies to phone calls and text messages.  
  • You now have the option to hide any inappropriate messages or images you may receive. For images, click on the Menu button that shows up when you hover over the image and then select Hide/Unhide option. For text messages, hold the CTRL key and then click on the text message to bring up a menu where you can select the Hide/Unhide option. Once you’ve done that, you can continue on with your workday.