My Day at the Dentist: The Dental Form Just for Kids

When a kiddo visits the office for an appointment, turning up the fun and positivity about their oral health is priority No. 1!

Creating that fun, health-focused environment gets a whole lot easier with the Dental Form Just for Kids.

Designed like the coolest kids’ workbook out there, this free, creative resource is one-part activity sheet for the kiddos and one-part conversation starters for doctors.  

When young patients work on the form, they not only answer fun questions that your team and the doctor can use to build a relationship, like “What did you dress as for Halloween last year?” — but they also give details about their dental hygiene, like how they brush their teeth.

With the Dental Form Just for Kids, your practice will be able to:

  • Keep pediatric patients entertained and at ease while they wait
  • Help doctors chat more easily with the patients during their visit
  • Uncover details about the patients' diet that may affect their oral health
  • Discover what the patients' oral-hygiene routine is like
  • Learn how the patients honestly feel about seeing the doctor

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