Introducing RevenueWell Enterprise

RevenueWell's enterprise solution is the perfect tool for multi-location dental practice managers and DSOs.

Mixing the best features of RevenueWell with a streamlined approach to running multiple dental practices, RevenueWell's enterprise solution is perfect for multi-practice managers.

RevenueWell Enterprise is a smarter solution for DSOs and area managers. With its custom campaigns and business intelligence, Enterprise increases case acceptance, brings in new patients, and enables practices to maximize the value of their current patient base.

RevenueWell Enterprise also ensures that managers can run a smooth operation across all their practices. Features such as a single sign-on and advanced admin rights work to maintain brand identity and increase productivity across the board.

Following is a little extra info on some of the great features that RevenueWell Enterprise provides.

Top RevenueWell Enterprise Features

Intelligent Business

One of RevenueWell's best features is its custom campaigns capability.

It always helps you extend that personal touch and keep that relationship growing.

The platform does this through business intelligence that's capable of recognizing teeth numbers, perio pockets, insurance codes, and charts. It also separates patients into two categories: ones that have appointments and ones that don't.

Practices are normally good at handling patients who are on the books. However, they can have difficulty connecting with patients who don't have appointments. RevenueWell's business intelligence and AI makes it easier than ever for practices to get patients back into the chair.

With Enterprise, multi-unit managers can monitor analytics across all their dental practices. They can then create custom recall and reactivation campaigns tied to the resulting numbers.

Single Sign-On

A feature that's not only essential to productivity, single sign-on helps keep area managers from going crazy by consolidating all their practices into a central dashboard.

There's no need to log in and out of every location.

With single sign-on, multi-location managers can view all their practices in a single dashboard. They can also separate them by region, state, or location.

Managers also have the ability to create campaigns (for implants, whitenings, veneers, etc.) and then designate which of their practices will run those campaigns.

This can be done en masse, without having to start from square one and replicate the campaign for each practice.

From there, managers can track the performance of their campaigns across all practices by how much money each earns.

Admin Rights

With Enterprise's admin rights, multi-practice managers can choose who has access to the enterprise portal.

Managers can assign different roles to individuals in separate offices. For example, giving one person the designation of "office manager" and another the title of "admin."

From there, each person can be assigned different roles within RevenueWell. For example, they can market all the practices within a DSO, only locations within a specific region, or even just their singular dental practice.

Admins can also decide who edits messages and which types — whether they're appointment confirmations, reactivation campaigns, or all of a practice's messages.

By utilizing RevenueWell Enterprise's admin rights, multi-location managers will maintain brand continuity for all practices within their DSO.

The practices may all be in different geographic locations, but they will all have the same look and feel in their patient communications.


Improved case acceptance, more production, and a better relationship with patients — it's no wonder why thousands of practices are falling in love with RevenueWell! Ready to see how G2 Crowd's top-rated PMS software can help you get more done? Take a quick, super-fun demo!