Investing Is Not Only for Retirement

In this guest post, Imagn Solutions Director of Medical Billing Education Laurie Owens explains why, when it comes to medical billing in dentistry, it's vital to invest in your team.

One of the things I hear the most from dentists is that they want systems implemented … now.

The ROI from medical billing in dentistry will vary from patient to patient; from scenario to scenario; and from medical plan to medical plan.

There is also no way to have “blanket” diagnosis coding to fit every patient case. So, what do you do? You invest in educating and training not only your staff, but yourself!

The best results for medical billing in dentistry happen when every staff member is on the same page. It is not an admin team, hygiene team, clinical team, or provider solo act.

Here are some pointers on why, with medical billing, investing in your team is VITAL.

Tips on Medical Billing in Dentistry


You must learn the laws and clinical requirements for medical billing.

Within that realm, YOU are the one that must clearly explain to your team what the medical diagnosis is. They cannot read between the lines because that is not legal.

Successful medical billing in dentistry starts at the top … with you. Acquire training for your staff and yourself and you will see team results.

Clinical Team (Assistants)

You are a liaison like no other.

The only way a biller can see clearly is through what you do during that appointment. Many times, our clinical staff is a gateway to knowing what occurred throughout.

Knowing the requirements for medical billing in dentistry is a huge benefit for billers. In other words, if you do not know what to look for, can you find it?

Hygiene Team

Here is where rubber meets the road.

Whether you are in a general, specialty, or oral surgery practice, treatment comes from the hygienist.

Without knowing what chart notes can substantiate medical necessity, we have lost before we began to fight.

Administrative Team

We juggle many objects. Medical billing is another ball that gets added, and we wonder how they will be kept in the air.

If the whole team knows what to look for and what documentation supports that … you will have a happy admin team.

In closing, Imagn Solutions has on-site training and courses that will prepare your staff. They'll know what to look for, what legal documentation is required, and any verbiage needed to accomplish this goal.

No, investing is not only for retirement. Remember the adage, “You need to spend money to make money.”

Your team is worth it, your patients are worth it, your practice is worth it!

Laurie Owens is the Director of Medical Billing Education for Imagn Solutions, the “one click” solutions for medical billing.

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