In this webinar, Practice Dynamics co-founder Laci Phillips explains how dental practices can find balance with proper dental systems, teams and technology.

“There is no such thing as work-life balance. The balance has to be within you.” This quote from Sadhgura opens Laci Phillips’ webinar, and serves as the driving principle throughout.

By focusing on three facets of the modern practice — dental systems, teams, and technology — Laci shows how every office can cut down on the stress. Odds are you have more systems in place than you know; the trick is organizing them. Once that happens, it’s all about keeping your team motivated and providing them with the proper tools to succeed.

You shouldn’t go to work and have to juggle 17 different tasks. In this webinar, learn not how to just put out fires, but how to avoid them completely.

What You’ll Learn

Here are some of the topics Laci covers:

  • How to organize the systems in your practice
  • Ways to ensure you’re hiring the right people
  • How to construct a motivated and empowered team
  • What technologies your practice should invest in
  • Why data mining can dramatically increase your revenue

Below is the Practice Perfect webinar on how to create balance by utilizing proper systems, teams, and technology.

Balance Driven Success Webinar


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