May 2022 Product Release Notes

Practice Insights

With Practice Insights, you get snapshots of your practice’s performance metrics with context to understand what they mean and tactical ways to improve those numbers.

What’s been added:

  • No Show Rate metric with tips to reduce it and get patients back on the schedule.
  • Patient Lists so you can contact patients directly from the list. No need to scroll through your lengthy PMS reports or track them in your makeshift paper or Word doc. list.
  • Metrics update daily in the new month-to-date view. We’ve added more context to help you easily understand how your KPIs are changing and how they compare to industry benchmarks.
  • Data accuracy in Case Acceptance: Case Acceptance now checks for walked out services in case treatment plans aren’t getting marked as complete in your PMS.

Bookmark these! Watch these short clips to dive further into your practice’s metrics!

Reappointing more patients

Benchmarking your hygiene visits

Team Chat

Team Chat is a messaging tool that allows you and your team to communicate with each other in the RevenueWell system.

What’s been added:

  • Timestamps: You can see the day, date, and year
  • +New Direct Chat button so you can start a new team chat conversation
  • Mute browser notifications in the General Channel
  • Team Chat is now responsive in mobile viewports

Not using Team Chat? Check it out here.

Data Sync Agent

We’ve done a beta release for the Data Sync Agent.

What’s improving:

This is backend work that will improve the overall stability and performance of your RevenueWell products and integration with your PMS. It will reduce the number of data sync issues and improve data security when synching occurs.