Marketing With Surgical Precision: RevenueWell's New Campaign Manager

As any marketer will tell you, the success of your email or direct mail campaign starts with a clean, well-targeted list of recipients. Simply put, your message, promotion, newsletter or announcement is most effective when you send it to the right people. Don’t send a teeth whitening promotion to kids, a fluoride newsletter to 65 year-olds or a father’s day postcard to women. Easy enough of a concept, right?

Gladly, your practice management software is any marketer’s nirvana. Used well, it can offer you an unprecedented amount of information about your patient base: their demographics, employment situation, appointment history, and vivid, ADA-coded detail of everything you’ve ever done in their mouths. As far as knowing your customer, you’re right up there with the Googles and Facebooks of the world.

With RevenueWell, you can finally use all this data to your advantage by sending laser-focused newsletters and promotions to patients who are most likely to relate and respond to them. As many of you know, RevenueWell has always had a great many prebuilt campaigns for orthodontics, teeth whitening, dental appliances and other services – as well as the ability to design your own campaigns from scratch. Yet a recent enhancement took the Campaign Manager module to a whole new level by giving you a deeper insight into your practice software and a way to really zero in on the patients you want. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Send a campaign based on the patient’s appointment status. Do they have an appointment coming up? Have they had one in the last year? Do they have one in a specific date range? This is a great filter to use to reactivate lost patients or to notify next week’s patients that your office will be unexpectedly closed.
  • Target patients based on their recare status. Do you want to target unscheduled patients who are overdue for their recall by 6 months? Or, maybe, patients who aren’t on the books but whose recall date is coming up soon? These options can be very effective at keeping your hygiene schedule full, especially when used in combination with RevenueWell’s automatic Recare campaign.
  • Send a message to patients based on their insurance information. If you’re creating a campaign for an elective procedure that’s partially covered by certain insurance plans, then why wouldn’t you only send it to patients who have these plans? Or, when you send your end of year insurance letters, why not send them only to patients who have a certain dollar amount of benefits remaining and DON’T have insurance carriers that you’re having trouble with? You know your December schedule will be hectic anyway, so you might as well fill it with patients who will be most profitable for your practice.
  • Speaking of targeting the most profitable patients, you can also target patients based on services that you’ve treatment planned for them. Have you struggled to get your implant treatment plans accepted in the last six months? RevenueWell can help you send these patients an educational newsletter about implants – complete with an incentive or a promotion to help them get started on the treatment you both know they need.
  • Send a campaign to patients based on services they did or didn’t do in your office. This is a great option to use when you want to cross-sell or follow-up on specific procedures. For example, if you wanted to send a campaign to all patients who have had SRP done in the last three months about the importance of follow-up, you could do it by selecting the appropriate service codes in the filter. Or, alternatively, if you wanted to send a newsletter to all pediatric patients who haven’t had sealants done, there’s an easy way to accomplish that too. This filter is also a great way to zero in on people who have had phase one of a treatment plan done but never scheduled phase two. Think about all the people who have had extractions, but not implants.. or root canals but not crowns? Come to think of it, you’re much, much better at this than Google and Facebook.

Using the above filters in combination can help you design incredibly creative, highly-targeted campaigns that are always relevant, cost-efficient (if you’re using postcards) and, most importantly, get the response that is simply impossible with a “spray and pray” approach.

Got any creative campaign ideas of your own? Please share!