March 2023 Product Release Notes

This release includes automatically collecting patient balances, bypassing list review in campaigns, and improvements to the search bar.  


  • New! Collections Automation: Improve your collections process and save yourself time and stress with automation. This new campaign targets the responsible party with a balance that’s 30+ days old. You can send texts and emails to ensure patients receive consistent communications, so any outstanding balances remain top of mind. Start using Collections Automation today.  
  • Audience flow: You’re no longer required to preview your audience before sending a campaign. Now you have the option to skip viewing your list.  

Unified Wrapper

  • The Universal Wrapper makes switching between applications like Phone, Messenger, Insights, and Campaigns faster.  
  • Settings have been relocated to the top right of the top navigation menu.
  • Search for patients in the top navigation by: First name, Last name, Phone number, Email
  • Expand on a patient with the sidebar to do the following: See patient information, Call, SMS, Expand to full patient profile  
  • Do the following from search results: Call , SMS

Multi-location practices and practices using Phone 1.0 don’t have access to the Unified Wrapper enhancements.