Keeping Your Patients Happy & Healthy with in-Office Membership

Today’s post is a guest post from our friends over at Smile Advantage! In an interview with Howard Farran of, Dr. Jeff Sindelar and Dr. Matt Kraner discuss in-office savings plans and the future of serving patients with limited or no insurance coverage.


These days, dental insurance regulations are on the rise and reimbursements are decreasing. For that reason, dentists need to position their practices in a way to remain successful amidst all the change. Trends show us that practices will need to open their doors to patients without dental insurance who find themselves in need of high-quality dental care.

Check out the Dental Town/Smile Advantage podcast below, which outlines and covers some of the following topics:

  • How to reduce insurance dependency by successfully implementing an in-office membership plan
  • How to control fees while establishing lasting patient relationships
  • Insights on how practices can retain, reactivate, and acquire new patients through offering a membership plan
  • Improve case acceptance through membership buying model
  • Remain successful as dentistry continues to evolve while providing a valuable patient service in the community you serve

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