June 2023 Product Release Notes

In this month’s release, we’ve added Schedule View to the On the Go app so you no longer have to use two apps! Plus, we updated the desktop app to include the new Universal Search Bar. Keep reading for more details.  

View your schedule from home with Schedule View

Stay on top of your schedule from anywhere with Schedule View, now available on both iOS and Android. You no longer need to use two RevenueWell apps! Find your practice schedule under the ‘Appointments’ tab.  

Big updates! You can now call or text patients directly from Scheduler to confirm their appointments and update their status from the app or your desktop. Also, you can view your own schedule using the provider and operatory filters. The rest of the functionality hasn’t changed.  

Check it out  

Update your desktop app today

We’ve made some enhancements to the desktop app which requires you to update it. When you open your current desktop app, please follow the prompts. Once you’ve done that, you can continue using the app and carry on with your workday!  

This update will improve the app speed and performance, continue to keep your data secure, and give you a more consistent user experience. It will look mostly like the old app with a few new additions.  

  • It includes the universal search bar to easily search your entire patient base and take quick actions (like call or text patients) from there. Universal Search Bar is already available in the web version.  
  • New features released to the web version will be available on the desktop app faster.

If you use Schedule View on the desktop, you’ll see an updated look so it’s more consistent with the rest of the product.