July 2022 Product Release Notes

This month’s product releases include updates that increase your work efficiency and background fixes for performance and speed.

Phone and Messenger

Messenger: Your practice name and phone number are displayed when a team member sends the first message of the day to a patient helping them recognize who the communication is from.

New! Browser and Desktop Notifications: Pause your Phone, Messenger, and Team Chat browser and/or desktop notifications for fewer distractions allowing you time for more focused work.

Practice Analytics and Insights

Patient Lists: Many practices struggle to locate which patients aren’t getting the care they need. We’ve been speeding up the process by identifying patients you need to contact with Patient Lists. Our lists are curated based on specific actions you need patients to take, and you can call or text them directly from there. No need to go into your PMS to find and filter these lists yourself. We expanded with 2 more lists and that library now includes:

  1. New! Reappointments: Drive reappointments with this list of recently seen patients who haven’t been scheduled for their next hygiene visit.
  2. New! Unconfirmed Appointments: Improve your confirmation rate with this list of patients who haven’t yet confirmed their upcoming visit.
  3. No Shows: Get patients back on your schedule with this list of those who didn’t show up, canceled, or rescheduled less than 24 hours.
  4. Unaccepted Cases: Increase case acceptance with this patient list of those who haven’t yet accepted your proposed treatments.