Product Release Notes: January 2021

Eaglesoft Now Syncs with RevenueWell Every Two Minutes

Eaglesoft customers will now experience see faster sync between RevenueWell solutions and PMS! What was every 15 minutes is now every 2 minutes! Enjoy the freshest data in both systems thanks to this tighter alignment.

Custom Campaign Filters

RevenueWell is excited to provide you with new, custom campaign filters, to help you target your patients based on patient balance, pre-med requirements, custom PMS codes, and appointment type.

Patient Balance

Send emails to remind patients to pay off their remaining balances. Within your advanced options of customer campaigns, you now have the ability to filter by patient balance. You can even filter by the total family balance which sums up all balances of a particular family group.

Please note: currently, PMSs that support the Balance filter include Denticon, Dentrix Enterprise, Eaglesoft, Eddson, Open Dental, and Practice Works. It does not support Dentrix at this time but will in the future.

Pre-Med Requirement

Target your patients with pre-med requirements to ensure they are prepared for pre-appointment needs and requirements. Within your Advanced Options of custom campaigns, there is now a section for “Pre-Med Options.” You can select between Pre-Med, No Pre-Med, and All Patients. As a reminder, the default when using this filter is All Patients. The best part: when clicking “Update Results” you will see an estimate of the campaign summary data of email recipients, text recipients, and direct mail recipients, plus an estimate cost for direct mail. Learn more about using this custom campaign filter here.

Please note: currently, PMSs that support Pre-Med include Eaglesoft, Eddson, Open Dental, and Practice Works, but does not support Dentrix.

Custom PMS Codes

Every dental practice has unique ways of managing codes for specific procedures and services, especially those that do not have a corresponding ADA code. Now, you can build a campaign based off your custom code! Custom codes will only appear if they exist and are supported by your PMS and will appear below the ADA codes. Custom codes are only available for the practice portal currently. Ready to create a campaign using custom codes?

Check out the help center article to get started.

Appointment Types

Are you trying to create a campaign based off appointment type to drive new appointments specific to a procedure or service? Now you can! Under “Basic Options” of custom campaigns, there is now a section for “Appointment Type” that allows you to build a filter based on whatever appointments you would like to include. And, as with Pre-Med Requirements, you’ll be able to see campaign summary and direct mail estimate costs when you click “Update Results.”

Virtual Visits now available on the RevenueWell mobile app

Since last year, teledentistry is a norm for most practices. Moreover, practices are continuing to evolve to have less “stuff” to get their jobs done. In keeping with the times, RevenueWell has updated its dental office app so that doctors can easily start a virtual visit with a patient – directly from the app. Users can click on the virtual visit icon to initiate a visit through the following: Not using RevenueWell’s Virtual Office and Virtual Visits? Learn more now!