Increase Dental Treatment Plan Acceptance with Automatic Follow-up

If you’re like most practices out there, then you could walk in tomorrow morning, run some good reports in your practice management system and easily find $500,000 to $1,000,000 in diagnosed treatment that your patients never completed. Why didn’t they?

Well, everybody’s got their reasons: they didn’t have time, they didn’t think it was important enough, they couldn’t afford it, they were scared of the procedure, you name it. You know what the main reason was, though? Chances are, if the patient didn’t leave your office with a future appointment to start treatment, you didn’t do enough follow-up to get them back into the chair.

And who can blame you? Following-up on diagnosed treatment is one of the hardest things to do at a dental office. You have to run all the proper reports, you have to know the patient’s history, you have to possess enough clinical knowledge to have an informed conversation with the patient about it – and, most importantly, you have to find time to get this done. That’s why it just about never happens.

But what if some of this follow-up could be done automatically? What if you could send every patient an email or a letter that re-presented the pending treatment plan to them, offered a compelling reason to begin treatment and asked them to schedule an appointment right away?

Believe it or not, this is exactly what a growing number of RevenueWell users are doing with much success. RevenueWell has developed an industry-first solution that continuously monitors your practice software for instances when patients have diagnosed treatment with no future appointment to get started, and automatically sends them personalized email, letter and SMS communications to urge them to get the care they need.

At RevenueWell, our goal is to work with you to streamline operations so that following up with patients no longer is a chore. Time to get those patients back in the chair and stop leaving money on the table!

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