6 Popular (And Wildly Inaccurate) HIPAA Myths Busted

Plenty of HIPAA myths are floating around the internet. In this webinar, we bust those myths and set the record straight!

The Practice Mechanic, Rick Garofolo, stopped by RevenueWell's Practice Perfect series to clarify several popular misunderstandings about HIPAA.A OSHA and HIPAA expert, Rick gave an enlightening presentation. Most importantly, he made sense of the sometimes confusing regulations!

What You'll Learn

By the end of the webinar, you'll learn:

  • What makes for appropriate HIPAA training
  • What email restrictions are in place with HIPAA
  • How HIPAA benefits practices (i.e. why it's not just a pain in the neck!)

In addition, Rick held an informative Q&A at the end of the webinar. During it, he covered many practical dilemmas dental practices come across.

Without further ado, below is the Practice Perfect webinar on HIPAA compliance. Enjoy!

Practice Perfect HIPAA Webinar


Because your time is precious, we marked some of the most interesting parts of the webinar. As a result, you can easily explore the recording.

  • RevenueWell Introduction (0:00)
  • Rick Garofolo Introduction (1:21)
  • Myth #1: Emailing (3:41)
  • #2: Release Forms (7:29)
  • #3: Holding Records (14:07)
  • Intermission: Sending Charts (22:26)
  • #4: NPP Signatures (28:02)
  • #5: Annual Training (31:29)
  • #6: HIPAA's Value (37:57)
  • Q&A (46:16)

HIPAA Checklist

Courtesy of The Practice Mechanic, here's a guide to common HIPAA questions. This checklist is a simplified version of the presentation, and it can be handy in a pinch!

We hope you enjoyed this Practice Perfect webinar on HIPAA. Above all, we hope it clarified gray areas and made you better-informed.

Rick Garofolo is a practice management and OSHA/HIPAA consultant for dentists. He develops site and state-specific plans and business systems for dental offices around the country.

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