Healthy Habits = Healthy Practice

Consistency around the office leads to a happy team and healthy practice.

The health of your mouth is a little like the health of your practice. Both tend to take care of themselves when simple habits are outlined and followed. Both suffer decay when positive habits are ignored, or never implemented in the first place. Here are a few habits that’ll keep your office in tip-top shape every day of the week – year after year.

Make Sure Everyone Is On Board

In order for an office to run well, each one of your team members needs to be rowing in the same direction, and rowing with a shared sense of enthusiasm. Sitting on the boat with an oar in your hand, but not using it doesn’t quite count. And, doctors, sometimes this person may be you. Have you had multiple requests from your team to go green, but you still prefer using pen and paper? This is the sort of thing we’re talking about…

Pursue Positivity With Your Team

When we react negatively to difficulties that occur in the office, we run the risk of alienating team members – and worse, filling them with a lack of desire to achieve goals. In our boat analogy, that slows the whole thing down. In fact, your rowers may now want to row in reverse! Don’t let that happen – keep a positive outlook, and communicate positively as well. Insist on it from everyone.

Treat Your Patients Like Rock Stars

Don’t forget, positivity has the power to infuse itself into all aspects of a practice – namely the patient database. Treat your patients well, and your patient base will grow. Neglect them (or, just treat them rudely), and they’ll disappear on you. What are some good ways to be sure you don’t mess this part up?

For starters, recognize that the moment you pick up the phone to say hello, or greet a patients strolling through your front door, you’re being evaluated. Too busy to look up? Too busy for a friendly phone demeanor? Such behaviors will stifle your growth, and provide you with the sort of reputation that keeps the Yelp! support team busy these days. So, take a look at patient interaction at your office. How is the patient handled?  Are you positive? Do you tell prospective patients how happy you are that they called your office? Do you SMILE!? When they arrive, your attitude should be of gratitude throughout their entire appointment. Treat them like a rock star, and they’ll do the same to you.

So, are you ready to infuse positivity, goal setting and good habits in your practice?

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