Healthgrades Premium Profile: By the Numbers Infographic

With a Healthgrades Premium Profile, dentists can quickly increase the number appointment requests from new patients seeking dental care.

Used by 2 million people each month when looking for new dentists, Healthgrades is the largest online resource for healthcare info.

However, basic Healthgrades Profiles are limited in their scope of effectiveness. If they want to fully unleash the revenue-boosting power of Healthgrades, doctors must upgrade to a Premium Profile.

Premium Profiles generate more searches, pull in more reviews, and present a stronger overall online presence. Check out our infographic about the power of a Healthgrades Premium Profile.

healthgrades dental statistics

Land New Patients

Here are the facts: Healthgrades Premium Profiles register 377% more views than the basic profile.3-7-7 percent.

Are you kidding?!

Premium Profiles rank higher in searches, and show the doctor's photo, making them look crisper.

And if you're wondering what that search volume equates to, consider the following: 64% of Healthgrades visitors make an appointment within a week.

With that kind of conversion rate, sitting atop the search results is invaluable for acquiring new patients.

Generate More Reviews

Much like the difference in search volume, the difference in reviews between basic and Premium Profiles are astronomical.

When compared to a basic profile, Healthgrades Premium Profiles generate 78% more reviews.

Online reviews have become so ubiquitous that, in many people's eyes, they're equivalent to word-of-mouth recommendations. Data from a recent survey suggests that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendations.

Part yellow pages, part personal recommendation — reviews have become a point of validation.

The more reviews, the more trustworthy a practice is.

Build Your Online Presence

We noted it above, but here it is again: 2 million people use Healthgrades search for dentists every single month.

That is a monstrous pool!

So let's frame it all up: a Premium Profile generates 377% more views and 78% more reviews from a pool of roughly 24 million new patients every year.

Online marketing is largely a numbers game. And those numbers do not lie.

Healthgrades Premium Profiles put you in front of a large population of prospective patients, and make it as easy as one click of the mouse (or tap of the screen) for people to schedule appointments.

While basic profiles certainly offer a special level of online visibility, they are simply not as equipped to drive new patient acquisition as Premium Profiles.

Learn more about how a Healthgrades Premium Profile from RevenueWell can boost your bottom line, and get a 15-minute demo today!