How to Grow Your Practice with Your Phone

In this webinar, Grow Practice Grow founder Sean Hamel shows us how easy it is to grow a dental practice by using little more than a cellphone and a microphone.

It doesn't take a full cast and the production budget of Game of Thrones to create great dental marketing videos for your practice. As it turns out, you can become Frank Capra with just your phone ... your cellphone.

In this webinar, Seam Hamel explains how to take your practice marketing game to the next level with some quick videos from your phone. He also goes into the rewards (and challenges) that come from live footage, such as Facebook Live.

Whether you create FAQs for patients, custom-shot birthday greetings, or tours of your practice — by spending 30 minutes a week on video, you'll drive patient satisfaction through the roof.

What You'll Learn

Following are some of the topics Sean addresses when showing how to make professional videos from your phone:

  • Tools you'll need along with a phone
  • Best practices for shooting a video
  • Topics for the videos
  • How to write a quick script and get over stage fright
  • When to record a video vs. going live

Enjoy the Practice Perfect webinar below!

Webinar: How to Grow Your Practice with Your Phone

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