February 2023 Product Release Notes

This release includes a new central hub in Campaigns and a universal wrapper that connects all your applications in one place.  


  • New central hub for all your campaigns: Manage all your campaigns from one location with the Single Hub. You can create new automatic campaigns and view your previously created ones from there. You’ll see a ‘Legacy Campaigns’ tab which contains your past automatic campaigns, custom campaigns, and reminders and confirmations so you won’t lose them. With the new campaigns hub, you can easily discover new filters and custom merge fields to create highly targeted campaigns for patients.  
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements to Campaigns for better use of the app.

Universal Wrapper

  • Universal Search: Search for any patient and easily call, SMS, or open their patient profile.
  • Improved App to App speed.
  • View the patient profile slide out while navigating through multiple apps.