The Emoji Guide for Dental Offices

Emojis — these colorful, cute icons are tiny on our screens, but they’re huge in our communications.

One reason they’re so popular — their power. They make texts more human — a trait that dental patients look for in their doctors these days.

But texting emojis to patients is way more different than texting emojis to friends. Some emojis are absolutely perfect to use — while others can go way out of bounds.

That’s where the Emoji Guide for Dental Offices comes in. This fun, friendly guide lists the emojis that patients will love — and the emojis that may trip them up.

Check out our Emoji Guide for Dental Offices, and you'll:

  • Understand the five best practices to follow when texting emojis to patients
  • Get a list of which emojis are great to use in text messages with patients
  • See how to use emojis in texts to show off your friendliness and keep messages brief
  • Recognize the emojis to avoid in texts to patients — and why

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