New Features: Patient-Specific and Spanish Appointment Reminders

Sending appointment reminders through RevenueWell has gotten even better thanks to two significant enhancements.

RevenueWell has made two significant enhancements to its appointment reminders feature: patient-specific reminders and Spanish appointment reminders. As result, practices can now connect on an even deeper level with their unique patient bases.

Here's a closer look at these two new features.

Patient-Specific Appointment Reminders

No two people are alike.

Some folks love over-communication. They appreciate a string of reminder text messages, emails, and phone calls. These extra appointment reminders present structure.

Other people are one-and-done. They schedule an appointment during a visit, add it to their calendar, and are a mortal lock to return in six months. For them, a series of appointment reminders are not only unnecessary, they're annoying.

With patient-specific appointment reminders, practices can now tailor their communications to a patient's preferences. If a patient feels like they get too many reminders, the practice can peel back communications without completely turning the valve off.

This enhancement eliminates the all-or-nothing component to patient communications. Practices can decide which (if any) of the following reminders a patient will receive: save the date, postcard reminder, first, second and same-day reminders.

For a more detailed look at how to enable patient-specific reminders, check out this article in the RevenueWell Help Center.

Spanish Language Appointment Reminders

We've just laid out how there's no one-size-fits-all solution for patients. Their preferences vary too much to put them all in a single box. Just as it is with the amount of messages received, preferences also extend into languages.

With RevenueWell's Spanish appointment reminders feature, practices can better engage with one of the country's largest demographics.

Spanish reminders remove one more barrier to entry, making it even easier to get patients back in for their scheduled appointments. Practices also create better rapport with patients who feel more comfortable speaking Spanish than English.

Using this new feature, practices can tag patients with a preferred language of Spanish. Reminders sent to that patient will then default to Spanish rather than English.  Currently, save the date, first, second, and same-day reminders are available in Spanish.

For more on how to use Spanish reminders with email, check out this article in the RevenueWell Help Center. Practices can also send Spanish reminders via text message. Learn how to enable Spanish text messages at the RevenueWell Help Center.