Planning, Implementing & Evaluating

In this edition of Talkin' Multi-Practice Management, we discuss the importance of planning when it comes to overseeing multiple dental practices.

Recently, RevenueWell sat down with Vicky Khairallah to discuss her role at 1st Family Dental. Vicky is the marketing director for 1st Family, and also manages their call center. In our discussion, Vicky touched on what her normal day looks like, and shared just how rewarding her position is. The conversation is below.

Talkin' Multi-Practice Management

RevenueWell: Hi Vicky! So, what's the first thing you do each day?

Vicky Khairallah: On a personal level, I have grateful thoughts and get ready for a fresh start. At work, depending on the work load, [I] check emails or email offices wishing them a happy day — especially on Fridays!

RW: That's so nice! How frequently do you communicate with each practice's office manager, and what do you talk about?

VK: We talk as needed. We discuss campaigns and reports, and I get feedback on the system we use.

RW: What's your biggest challenge in overseeing multiple practices?

VK: Running the practices from a corporate level, but keeping the unique identity for each practice based on the demographic and culture of their patients.

RW: What is your biggest focus with regards to training?

VK: Customer service.

Managing people is all about hiring the right talent for the right position

RW: What metrics do you use to evaluate the success of your practices (production numbers, new patients, appointments, etc.)?

VK: All the above. Data is a very important factor: production, new patients, retaining patients, reviews, etc.

RW: Please describe your job in two sentences or less.

VK: My job is both challenging and fun!

RW: What new skill do you want to develop next?

VK: I’d like to keep up to date on user behavior and experience.

RW: How do you decompress after a work week?

VK: Spend time with my family and work out.

RW: Please fill in the blank: You didn’t expect _____ about your role.

VK: I like to embrace work challenges so there is nothing in particular. However, managing people is all about hiring the right people (the right talent) for the right place and position.

RW: What are the top three tools/resources (e.g., Outlook, Excel) you use each day?

VK: Google, Excel, Outlook, Tableau

RW: Please finish this sentence: The best advice for managing multiple practices is to ...

VK: Plan, implement, evaluate, and move on!

RW: That's great! Let's do one more. The best way to inspire an office is to ...

VK: Lead by example, set clear expectations with rewards, and discipline when needed. Provide great resources and training for continuing growth.

Thank you so much, Vicky! This was incredibly uplifting and informative. We really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us.

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