Dental Marketing Blog: Attract and Engage Patients Through Content Marketing

A dental marketing blog is a fun, informative, and cost-effective tool for engaging and retaining patients while building your brand and online visibility.

Creating a dental marketing blog is one of the easiest and most cost-effective means of communicating with a wider online audience. Blogs are the perfect platform to demonstrate your expertise, establish your brand, and strengthen patient relationships.

They are an essential element in any comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Blogs demonstrate the incredible power of content marketing, which has been shown to cost around 62% less than traditional marketing while generating up to three times as many leads! According to HubSpot, marketing plans that emphasize blogging are likely to yield 13 times the return on investment over firms that don’t blog—what’s not to like?

While an attention-grabbing blog is a vital part of dental marketing, it’s also important to have clarity about what your blog post is meant to achieve.

Questions to ask yourself might include:

  • What type of blog content do you want to write?
  • Who is your blog aimed at?
  • Potential new patients or existing patients?
  • Or is its main purpose to heighten general awareness about your dental practice?
  • What tone and format do you want to use?
  • Which social channels will you incorporate?

A blog is a platform for highlighting your knowledge and skills, the unique character of your dental practice, and the services and treatments offered. Sharing information on educational topics helps raise awareness about dental health in general—and your practice in particular—while improving credibility in the industry. For example, utilize a popular event such as National Children's Dental Health Month to feature insights about the value of oral hygiene routines for children.

Dental Marketing Blogs to Develop Unique Messaging

dental marketing blog

A successful dental marketing blog needs compelling messaging. But how do you determine what your unique messaging even is?

Start by asking yourself a few questions, such as:  

  • What makes your practice different?
  • How does it stand out from other dental practices in terms of treatments and services, as well as the experience you’re able to offer patients?
  • What are the three main attributes that define your practice’s vision and ethos?

Once you’ve established your messaging, use the blog to focus on educating, inspiring, and informing patients using online content. Blog content helps to forge emotional connections that might be lacking in traditional marketing campaigns. And when you make that connection, you also inspire others to advocate on your behalf and bring new patients into your practice.

Regular blogging of appropriate, high-quality material boosts your online profile, bringing more traffic to your website and social media accounts by enhancing your ranking on search engines. Specifically, it’s good for search engine optimization (SEO) because Google’s search algorithms assign rank according to factors such as relevant content, internal links, and the amount of time spent on the webpage.

Some 97% of people find out about local businesses online, so make sure you’re in a great position to be found. Boost your dental SEO with a high-ranking microsite on PatientConnect365 and increase your social media output with RevenueWell. Custom surveys encourage current patients to leave online reviews so everyone who finds your practice through online searches sees just how great (and unique) the dental practice is!

Blogging is also the ideal format for introducing specific, long-tail keywords that your prospective patients might be searching for, considering that half of all searches are for terms that are four words or longer. And the more trustworthy and authoritative the blog, the more likely external sites are to link back to you.

Dental Blog Posts About Frequently-Asked-Questions

A dental marketing blog focused on frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) can be an extremely effective form of content marketing, and a great opportunity to educate and inform patients as well as build a lucrative online reputation. Blogging also helps dentists and dental staff connect with patients prior to a scheduled visit. For example, FAQs about what to expect during a routine appointment, from filling out forms to the treatments and procedures offered.

Other benefits of FAQs blogs include:

  • Minimizing the need for patients to phone the practice to have their questions answered
  • Consolidating the most important aspects of your practice in one place
  • Sharing important dental practice information while showcasing your unique brand
  • Demonstrating expertise and building trust with patients
  • Providing opportunities to use relevant keywords and improve SEO rankings

But why stop there? Blogs about FAQs can be so much more than your basic Q&A about dental procedures.

Consider these blog topics:

  • Dentures and Implants—Everything You Need to Know About Tackling Tooth Loss
  • Dental Insurance FAQs and Alternative Payment Options
  • Orthodontics for Adults—Invisible Braces and Other Gamechangers

The blog topic possibilities are endless!

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Blogs Offering Dental Solutions

dental marketing blog solutions

Blogs are a great way to build trust and relatability; especially important considering how anxious some people are about dental checkups! Give prospective patients simple tips to help them overcome their fears or information about what to expect during their visit. Consider a “meet the team” blog to introduce your dental staff and help patients feel more comfortable about their next appointment.

An educational dental blog offers important information and how-tos’ for optimal oral health. Solution-oriented blogs add value to your online presence, increase engagement with your website and social media pages, and help build better relationships with patients.

There are various types of educational blogs, including:

  • How-to tutorials with step-by-step procedures and helpful videos
  • Dental hygiene checklists
  • Everyday dental health terminology and definitions
  • Dental issues, how to treat them at home, and when to seek help
  • Case studies concerning unusual or difficult procedures
  • Preventative dentistry 101 (perhaps a weekly feature blog)
  • New product or treatment reviews

When you blog about oral hygiene tips, common dental complaints like bad breath and tooth pain, or insights into the latest procedures in restorative and aesthetic dentistry, chances are you’re answering a question that has already been posted on Google search multiple times. And it’s this sort of useful information that makes explainer blogs so successful at driving traffic to your website and improving your SEO ranking too.

Make your dental blogs even more engaging by adding visual content. This might include a behind-the-scenes video of your practice, a patient’s smile before and after a cosmetic procedure, or a video message from the team wishing patients a happy holiday season. You could even include a fun meme or two about dentists!

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RevenueWell Solutions: Content Marketing, Blogs, and So Much More!

A dental marketing blog is an exceptionally valuable content marketing tool and an intrinsic part of any successful marketing strategy.

Reaching new patients shouldn’t be a headache. You’re already delivering great treatments and patient care, now you just need to get in front of the right people. And that’s where an industry partner can make all the difference. From communication to online reputation management to SEO services, RevenueWell has all the tools to help your practice stand out from the competition.

It’s often been said that it’s the small things that count. In the context of your dental practice, it’s the small gestures that keep patients coming back. The extra personal touch, an added convenience, the special care you deliver that’ll make every patient feel like family. RevenueWell offers you the high-tech tools to impress your patients by staying top of mind, educating them on oral health, extending the personal touch, and showing just how much you care about their well-being.