11 Simple Ways to Dazzle New Patients

Impressing new dental patients can do wonders for your practice. According to Dataman Group Direct, new patients spend an average of $600 more than existing ones. And when satisfied, they represent a new source of referrals.  

In other words, flooring new patients can simplify scheduling down the road.

So how can you start turning new patients into satisfied, loyal ones? By dazzling them with incredible, convenient experiences — and that’s where this guide, 11 Simple Ways to Dazzle New Dental Patients, comes in handy.

Full of real-world tips and down-right inspiring insights from five practice-management experts, this guide will turn you into an expert on the laws of retention!

Download 11 Simple Ways to Dazzle New Patients to:

  • Learn how a stress-free experience changes patients' perceptions
  • Revamp your philosophy on welcoming new dental patients
  • Gain 11 practical ideas on how to impress new patients
  • Discover how to implement each idea and what you'll need
  • Find out what five practice-management experts prioritize with new patients

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