Best Dental & Leadership Books: Your Summer Reading List

The best dental and leadership books for your 2018 summer reading list, as picked out by the RevenueWell team.The dog days of summer are upon us. And whether curled up on the sofa in the cool air conditioning or lounging out in the sunshine in a beach chair, there's no better time to catch up on some reading.With that in mind, the RevenueWell team compiled a summer reading list for you. We broke this year's list into two sections: dental books and leadership books.So, whether you're looking to find some new tricks on how to stay sane at work, or just glean inspiration for your daily life, we've got you covered!

Dental Books

These books are, you guessed it, dental-specific. They're by doctors, office managers, and practice management consultants whose main mission in life is to help practices succeed.Ranging from insurance to communication skills to training techniques, this selection has something for everyone in your office.

150 ways to make your dental practice rock arun garg

150 Ways to Make Your Dental Practice Rock!

Author: Arun K. Garg, DMDWhy we love it:Dr. Garg's book is super easy to follow. The chapter structure makes it easy to digest; you don't feel compelled to power through. It's really accessible, and covers a ton of topics. We love how varied it is, with sections ranging from negotiating business partnerships to leaving the proper answering machine message. We recommend keeping this book around to use as a daily reference guide.

step away from the drill laura hatch

Step Away from the Drill

Author: Laura Hatch, M.S., FAADOMWhy we love it: "Give your dental office team what it needs to be successful, and it will take care of your patients." These words are the crux of Step Away from the Drill, and the guiding light for everything within Laura Hatch's book. When we interviewed her earlier this year, Hatch told us that her mission with this book was to speak directly to dentists and help them set expectations for their teams. Mission accomplished!

moving your patients to yes teresa duncan

Moving Your Patients to Yes!

Author: Teresa Duncan, M.S.Why we love it: This book is great for all parties in the practice, but is specifically recommended for insurance coordinators. A brisk read, Duncan's book lays out the proper way to hold conversations about insurance with patients. She shows how to be empathetic while also painting a realistic picture of treatment options. Complete with practice exercises, this book ensures that you'll never be caught in an awkward conversation again!

pivot ginny hegarty


Author: Ginny Hegarty, SPHRWhy we love it: In Pivot, Ginny Hegarty sets out with the mission to make dentistry fun again. In just shy of 70 pages, she shows how dentists can set up the proper organizational structure within their practices. You'll learn how to lead and then manage, set up team meetings that actually work, and engage the heads, hands, and hearts of everyone in your practice. We also love this book because Ginny pulls from companies outside dentistry, like Zappos, to how their models translate to the dental world.

battling and beating the demons of dental assisting kevin henry

Battling and Beating the Demons of Dental Assisting

Author: Kevin Henry, M.A.Why we love it:Kevin Henry compiles all the challenges he's seen from over a decade of coaching dental assistants and puts them down into words. We particularly love this book because it doesn't take itself too seriously. Henry's voice is incredibly relatable and makes for a fun read. Assistants right out of school and 20-year veterans alike will find this book incredibly insightful.

Leadership Books

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the dental world. Find a little motivation from people outside of the industry.We love these books not just because they're motivational but also because their lessons transfer across all industries.

move your bus ron clark

Move Your Bus

Author: Ron ClarkWhy we love it: Were a big fan of allegory, and Ron Clark's book wields the literary tool perfectly! Picture yourself on a bus with people who can either help get you where you need to be or prevent you from moving forward. It's not too difficult to take the bus layout and visualize it through the lens of a dental practice. This is definitely a winner if you're looking for ways to move your whole team in the same direction.

Creativity Inc. Ed Catmull

Creativity Inc.

Author: Ed Catmull Why we love it: The story of Pixar reads like a modern American novel. Characters like Steve Jobs flit in and out, and at the core is a company founded by genuine dreamers and business-minded creatives. Ed Catmull's book shows how to keep your fire burning bright while running your business in a way that aligns with your values. And if that's not enough for you, it moves along the lifespan of some of cinema's best pictures over the past 20 years!

one minute manager ken blanchard

The One Minute Manager

Authors: Ken Blanchard, PhD; Spencer Johnson, MDWhy we love it: With a name like The One Minute Manager, who'd expect anything short of a quick read? But that's the whole point! Giving swift, effective feedback to your team in order to keep the office moving at a nice pace. This book teaches how to eliminate conflict before it ever shows its head, how to praise team members, and how to effectively manage in real time.

Outliers Malcom Gladwell


Author: Malcom Gladwell Why we love it:Outliers is one of those books, much like Freakonomics, that looks at things through a different lens. It seeks to explain what we think we already know about life. Malcolm Gladwell is one of the great intellectuals in our time, and this, with all due respect to The Tipping Point, is his magnum opus. Ever heard of the 10,000-Hour Rule (that true expertise only comes after mastering an exercise for 10,000 hours)? Here's where it comes from! Concepts in this book truly stay with you.

H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle Brad Lomenick

H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.

Author: Brad Lomenick Why we love it: The premise of H3 is fantastic, as Brad Lomenick charts the perfect course for self-discovery. Humble: Who am I? Hungry: Where do I want to go? Hustle: How do I get there? We love this book because it aligns perfectly with dentistry. Moving ahead in life, all while working on behalf of others.

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